As the planets start moving through the zodiac we will have three planets in Libra soon when the Sun enters on Oct. 17th and joins Mercury and Venus.  I find that Libra is a rather misunderstood sign of the zodiac with its stereotypical balance and harmony placard. In fact if you are born with Libra rising or Libra moon and Venus is afflicted in any way,  you are probably not the balanced and happy person that you are supposed to be.

I find that Libras are psychologically complex individuals that are often never at peace with their psychology  and can be emotional whirlwinds.  Because Mars rules the 7th for Libras, they are often combative rather than the peaceful and harmonious individuals that they are thought to be. They will often seek out the chaotic and go into the maelstrom of their complex minds  and try to create peace out of it. I find many drawn to psychology and counseling as Gemini owns the 9th and so psychological and thoughtful analysis can become a spiritual experience for them and a chance to probe the deep 12th house psychological maelstrom.

Libras do often fall into the artistic and sexual sterotype and Venus is connected to the element of touch so massage and sexual stimulation are important to reinforce their constant quest for love.  Jupiter owns the 3rd and 6th houses and so Libras have difficulty with making decisions and so if  Jupiter is afflicted which can seem like a life and death situation. Trouble with Gurus and advisors can easily surface for the same reason. The Sun is a difficult planet for Libras as it owns the 11th house and creates blocks to listening and hearing and problems with friendships. I often find that Libras get into very complex fights with their friends if Sun is afflicted leading to feeling alone or misunderstood. Libras love doing everything together and if you are an Aries loner in love with a Libra, you have a lot to work out.

Libras embody the blessings of Lakshmi and have ability to bring peace and harmony if Mars is not afflicted in their chart or impacting their 1/7 axis.  They have the unique ability to manifest their desires like a genie and have to remember that power and not get lost in their inner turmoil.   People born in the constellations of Chitra and Swati  (Antares) (0-20 degrees) have more problematic and deeply psychological troubling lives in comparison to Vishaka (20-30).

Libras can be lazy at time and get caught up in the world pleasure and a strong Saturn, its dear friend, is required to help them exercise, work hard and take responsibility in order to evolve.

If Venus is afflicted, we normally think of the challenges of this rising sign as sneaking away from conflict, being too charming or manipulative and capricious, waiting too long to act or being too much of a yes person and chameleon and not exerting one’s self. Mars is the Achilles’ heel planet for this sign and if badly afflicted it may create people who need to rule or dominate others and who have major issues with sexual restraint and ambition and overexerting power.

Mercury leaves Libra on Oct. 23rd but retrogrades back into Libra Nov. 7-Dec. 5th .  Venus leave Libra on Oct. 27th and the Mars goes into Libra on Nov. 10-Dec. 25th.  So get ready for lots of Libra influence.  We will write more about each of the planets in Libra over the coming days.


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