The Sun moves into the constellation of Satabhishak (Aquarius 6.40-20.00) which is ruled by Rahu but connected in Greek mythology the seas of the underworld and Neptune and the unconscious realm and in Vedic mythology to Varuna and the underworld.   All of these connections should remind us that like Rahu, it pushing us to heal our subconscious patterns.  People born with Sun in this constellation between Feb. 19-March 3,  tend to have  self-esteem problems and tend to beat themselves up and feel they are not living up to their potential.  They may be caught up in subconscious fears and are often taking self-development programs as they never feel good enough.  Some of this energy will be stirred up in transit now and more so with Rahu aspecting the Sun in the true node system Feb.25-26th.  It will create  a full aspect from the constellation of Ardra and channeling  a great deal of  sorrow and at the same time pushing one toward being  more ambitious to overcome the lower self-esteem.

The  constellation of Satabhishak, is a  highly philosophical, socially active and humanitarian in its nature. It forces us to breakdown all boundaries of race, age, status, nationality and religion and usher in a feeling of oneness with humanity.   Given primary season, it is appropriate constellation. because Aquarius is a very political  sign. Sun in the constellation being a fiery planet, can bring up anger.    Stay out of the political anger. It robs your peace of mind and is much bigger than anything we can control and that is frustrating but save your self and help others rather than rail against things you cannot change.

The constellation of Satabhisha is about reconciling the conflicts of life and it is very political in nature.   We will see even more tension pop up the next 2  week between   liberals and conservatives.  Aquarius requires us to come together and resolve the conflicts of our world and different opinions but Sun/Rahu  connections will stir the pot of anger, frustration and tension regarding these issues.  We have to draw on the healing energy of Varuna, the deity of the constellation to reconcile the conflicts of our world and reach out with humanitarian energy rather than with conflict and protest.

The constellation is connected to healing and biotechnology. It is thought that if you are in a cycle or dasha connected to a planet in this constellation, you could develop health issues that are difficult to heal.  At the same time the Sun, which is the karaka for physicians and healing, can stimulate deep healing so this transit can bring opportunities to heal deep subconsicious patterns.   Use these two weeks to start a new healing practice and move through difficult problems.

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 The deepest purpose of astrology should allow us to see the Maya or illusion that runs through our mind and blocks us from seeing our own Divinity. Astrology should reveal our hidden patterns and not just affirm what we know about our self already. It is our hidden patterns and blind spots which get us into the most trouble and cause us the most suffering.​

Barry’s spiritual and psychological approach to astrology seeks to cut the puppet strings of the planets that impact our emotions and psychology and bind us to self-blame, doubt and fear, and anger. This useful guide will help you navigate your life.​


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