Today is Friday, ruled by Venus and as it slows down to go retrograde it is very powerful. It  gets ready to turn retrograde on Wednesday, May 13th .       Venus retrogrades only happen every one and half to  two years and will only be more  problematic when Venus is combust May 29-June 8th  Retrograde benefics are more powerful to do good and this will particularly impact Libra, Taurus, Aquarius and Capricorn in a positive way.

If you were born with Venus retrograde in your natal chart, you might not fit into mainstream relationships, or have an unusual interest in love. Sometimes people with Venus retrograde become celibates or sometimes swingers.  Sometimes Venus retrograde can create frigidity and sometimes alternative sexual preferences.  In the end, the retrograde energy may lead to increase sexual activity as a result of not feeling loved enough and then seeking it out in strange ways.  Sometimes Venus retrogrades can challenge traditional models of marriage or partnering or increase attraction to the same sex. 

Venus retrograde in transit may suddenly force you to reevaluate your love life or lead to angry flare-ups around the combustion at the end of the month. It can reverse the norm so if you were not interested in relationship, the retrograde might spin you to suddenly craving one and vice-versa.

This is all happening in the sign of Taurus where Venus is home and most powerful and is supportive for business and material expansion.   It is going retrograde in the constellation of Mrigashira (Orion/Taurus 23.20-Gemini 6.4)  which is connected to Mars  and this is a very spiritual constellation and could lead to a spiritual awakening or passion for spiritual experience.    Combust Venus later in the month  gets spiritualized by the Sun and can be a wake up call around all the material stuff you have.

Mercury will be moving into Taurus and conjunct Venus this month.  This can be a great time for creative writing or song-writing but with Venus in the Virgo pada of Taurus until May 20th, it may increase sexual appetites so enjoy or find an artistic channel for this energy in dance, painting or making jewelry or home decoration.    Put the energy into artistic expression by painting or creating something.




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