June 20-21st  at  6 DEGREES GEMINI


Visible from parts of Africa, including Congo, Ethiopia, southern Pakistan, Northern India and China.

Will be seen as a ring of fire.

Begins 10:45  PM  CDT/  4:45 AM    GMT  JUNE 20/21

Peaks 1:40 am CDT/7:40 AM GMT JUNE 21ST

Eclipse ends  4:24 AM CDT/ 10:24 AM GMT JUNE 21ST

The biggest part of the eclipse is that it is hitting the Northern India/China border and we have massive tensions there already and the Koreas are going at.

If you are Gemini or Sagittarius rising or have key planets between 3-9  degrees Gemini, and are running Sun, Moon,  Rahu or Ketu periods, this eclipse may impact you the most.  If you are Leo  rising you may feel it and be impacted by it more. If you are running a difficult dasha combination of malefics you may be impact by it.

We have talked about meditating and fasting during the eclipse with no food 3 hours before and then not eating until 3 hours after the eclipse is over.  Water is fine but there is no agni to digest anything so even fruit should be avoided but if you have blood sugar problems then take care of yourself.   Some people believe that if you potential health problems in your chart in the coming months and that if you watch the eclipse, then they are more likely to manifest. Sun is a karaka or signifier for health so that makes sense.  Good day not to plan anything auspicious and rest, meditate, listen to chanting and do mundane things.  The eclipse starts late at night in the US so many of you will be sleeping. If you are awake, good to do long meditations to lull you to sleep.

So the positives for the Solar eclipse is that it can make you sensitive to seen unseen realms and other realities and this can be jarring for the emotions and psychology sometimes and can bring up fears and phobias, isolation, illusion and paranoia.  Definitely do not pay attention or act on thoughts during an eclipse.

Solar eclipses impact the soul level and the bright spot is that they may bestow keen psychological and philosophical or spiritual insights but examine them in common sense the next day. It is possible in rare instances that an eclipse can bring good fortune to the significations of the house being impacted.  Still if you have planets within 3 degrees of the eclipse at 6 Gemini  , particularly the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven (10th house cusp), there may be a major impact.  Sometimes the impact can last for 6 months until the next eclipse.  The impact, if you have planets in that area would be connected to their significations so if you have Venus at 6 Gemini , your relationship may be impacted.  Transits are always secondary to the larger cycles running so if you are in Sun period or Sun/Rahu or Sun/Ketu and you are Leo rising and there is a sensitive hit to your chart at a key point , you will be impacted more.  Solar eclipse may impact your relationship with your father or boss or governement figure more so not a great time to get into a huge fight with him if you can.

If your rising sign is one of the above mentioned or you have key planets at 3-9 Gemini or 3-9 Sagittarius and you simultaneously running a Sun/Rahu or Rahu/Sun period then it may be useful to have a Pundit do a puja or yagya for you. This can help with emotional and mental clarity during and after the eclipse and smooth out health and larger issues in your life if your are in a difficult dasha period.

The eclipse is happening in the constellation of  Mrigashira (Taurus 23.20-Gemini 6.40) but is very close to the constellation of Ardra which can stir up emotional storms so it may be more potent than usual.  Mrigashira is ruled by the god Soma.

Mars is aspecting the solar eclipse within 5 degrees which can increase war, fires, accidents and thefts but luckily Mars is not in Gemini. Mercury is conjuct the eclipse within 14 degrees. It is said that the ruler of the country seeing the eclipse with Mercury conjunct will face difficult times so we can see Modi easily in crisis and he is already. Ethiopia is being hit hard and they are in a big conflict with Egypt about Nile river dams and water supply and this could boil up.


Eclipses in the lunar month of Ashadha tend to negatively impact the people of Kashmir, China and Afghanistan and the Punjab area of India.   Solar eclipses create political disturbances and war. Loss of crops and famine are possible and we already have the locust plague happening.

Solar eclipses on a Saturn  can increase fuel costs.     Often major market turning points happen into eclipses and current retracements in gold into the weekend could temporarily reverse byh Monday.

Politically the US is a Sagittarius country and the house of enemies is Gemini or the 7th house where the eclipse is happening so it possible that an Iran or China could escalate the political tensions. The eclipse is exactly happening opposite the US ascendant.

The eclipse is in a dual sign so it can create labor unrest, strikes and increase  rioting and increase religious unrest. It usually causes slumps in share markets.  World stock markets often go down from June into September and the eclipse may stir a correction –but not a crash.  Political unrest is strong.  Look for a difficult summer for politics in Northern Africa and India and China from the eclipse but it is not visible in the US and will not be as important but there is turmoil here already.

Photo Thanks to Hnode/XRT

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