The planets are climaxing into May 15-18th as Mars completes its sneaky 8th house aspect (210 degrees ) onto Saturn into May 15th and finally moves out of channeling Rahu’s energy from the constellation of Ardra and moves into the gracious constellation of Purnavasu (Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20) on May 16th and stays there until June 6th.    Saturn is slowing down into May 23rd as it prepares to go stationary retrograde at around 19.22 Capricorn but is still getting a tight trinal aspect from Rahu increasing anxiety and paranoia.   We have written about this but the intensity of anger, frustration, anxiety, paranoia that  is peaking into Sunday, May 16th as Mars is conjunct the Moon in Gemini in Ardra.   If you have key planets at 19 degrees Gemini or Taurus or Scorpio, you are probably feeling it most.  The energy feels very distressed and intense and you can see with the the Israeli/PLO situation that is it potentially explosive.  We have worried that China would move into Taiwan and create another tense area.  The movement of Mars into Purnavasu late on May 16th should light things a bit by late Sunday but it may take a few days for things to separate.

Venus conjunct Rahu  May 15-May 20–

Venus is conjunct Rahu in the mean node system exactly into May 18th but having a 3 degree influence May 16-20th. This combination can increase sexual and sensual addictive energies or you can channel the energy into artistic creativity and move to a new dimension of artistic expression.  With Venus in Taurus, the energy is particularly strong for creativity  in a positive way and Mercury in Taurus could also support the creation of great writing or poetry or song-writing. .  If you are Taurus or Libra rising you will feel the impact most but also Scorpio rising will also experience it strongly.

Venus, the planet of luxury, beauty and sensual pleasure, is friends with Rahu, the planet of desire. They are good friends and their conjunction into Tuesday three degree orb  can increase sensual desire for sweets, sexual activity, shopping or going on a buying spree. Be aware of this aspect because the tendency may be to over-eat too many sweets or not be satisfied by your partner–no matter how often they are there. It can also create overspending if you feel a lack from not getting enough sensual attention. Good balance and solution is to schedule a massage if Venus is not feeling complete rather than indulging in excessive shopping or eating too much chocolate. Better, yet, find other ways to love yourself rather than looking for it outside of yourself.

It can also bring up fears (Rahu creates phobias) about losing your relationship. It may also lead to attracting a radical partner who is bucking societal norms. Over the next week, practice moderation with eating, shopping and sensual activity. Very easy for Venus to get blown out and create an imbalance. The Plough pose  in Yoga helps regulate Venus and the twist will help liver and Pancreas function better. The dancer pose  also balances out Venus. Best yet, get out and get a tango lesson to take care of those passions in an unbridled way. At least this aspect is a bit more fun than Mars and Saturn in their 6/8 relationship peaking on Saturday.   For more tips on understanding the relationships between Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga and Vedic astrology, see our website section on Astro-Yoga and our videotape on the subject.

Sun in Taurus: May 14-June 14

The Sun goes into Taurus today on May 14th. It stays in the constellation of Krittka until May 24th. The Sun in Taurus is in an enemy’s sign and gets afflicted by Rahu as it moves toward exact conjunction on June 1st and having a 3 degree orb  May 29-June 3rd.  If you were born with Sun in Taurus unafflicted you are artistic, good with people skills, enjoying pleasure, has stamina and a fixed purpose and has traditional values and is good with business. Sun is strong in its own constellation although some think that it can be out of balance in this position. Sun has immense courage and confidence during this transit and can create great power to handle difficult situations. People born May 11 – 24th have a warm, fierce and supportive energy and know how to use their power wisely.

Prash Trivedi notes that Western astronomers connect Krittika  with the Pleiades or the seven sisters. The ruling planet of the constellation is the Sun with Agni, the God of Fire, as the residing deity. The Shakti of this lunar mansion is ‘the power to burn away the negativity to get to the truth.’ Given all the smoke and mirrors with politics and the media, this energy will be welcome. It has a stronger nature for fulfilling material desires and its symbol is a razor, which cuts through the “bull” to get through to the truth.

The constellation allows one to go through extreme purification and get through blocks on the path. Of course, Leos do best with the transit, as it is a 10th house transit where status and career can flourish. Cancer rising also enjoys fulfillment of desires and great friendships during this transit. Aries and Scorpios may get a bit of a relationship burn if they cannot tone down their drive for success at all costs. Virgos do well with the 9th house  house transits of the Sun also while Geminis may suffer from the 12th house transit of the Sun and not been seen or being invisible or grappling with self-esteem issues.

Mars in Purnavasu (Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20)   May 16-June 6th.

Mars finally gets out of the difficult constellation of Ardra (Gemini 6.40-20.00) where deep suffering and tears are shed for transformation. It moves into the  generous consetellation of Purnavasu, connected to the earth mother.    Purnavau is ruled by Jupiter and Mars/ Jupiter connection always create courage and support athletic achievement.   Still Mars can waste energy here in trying to find answers for deep spiritual questions (Gemini probings)  rather than to just act and do service for mankind.  This transit supports writing and invention and singing music.    Jupiter is the lord of Purnavasu has the role to take the trouble and stress away on the spiritual journey as we move from the constellation of Ardra and guide it in its home in the material world and integrate life on the planet.

Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Taurus on May 26th at 7:14 am EDT.

We are starting to move toward eclipse season with the first one quickly approaching.  Eclipses are powerfully spiritually and magnify meditation and spiritual experience but outwardly in the world they can create emotion distress. If you have key planets like the moon, the ascendenat or Sun at Taurus 8-14 degrees or Scorpio 8-14 degrees and if you are running a Moon/Rahu or Rahu/Moon or Rahu/Sun  or Sun/Rahu period you may feel the impact most.  We will write more about it later.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini /Taurus: May 29-June 22nd.

We all know this one. But it is happening at 0 Gemini and will spend most of the time in the friendly sign of Taurus.  We will write more about it later in the month.

Have a great two weeks.

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