Mercury is moving to the end of Pisces, April 7-8th which is known as the gandanta where troubled knots of emotion need to be unraveled.  In early Aries, it is also in the gandanta (Aries 0-3 degrees) but gets a quick burst of energy and is not as troubled as it is at the watery end of Pisces.

Mercury will be in the constellation of Ashwini (Aries 0-13.20) April 8-14th.    Ashwini is known in modern astronomy as Alpha-Arietes and Beta-Ariettes near the bright star of Andromeda. The symbol for Ashwini is a horse’s head representing a dauntless spirit of adventure and a head-strong nature.  This transit usually fosters self-starters and energy to complete projects.   It is also a very healing constellation and so there will be more energy for healing.  The ruling deities are the Ashwin twins who ride in a golden chariot and shower healing energy down to the earth plane. They are the “Physicians of the Gods”.  This is a nakshatra of initiation, revitalization, and transformational healing.  The ruling planet is Ketu (South Node of the Moon), which gives a mystical and mysterious bent to their life journey.
The first part of the transit is through Aries 0-3 degrees (April 8-9)  has an underlying strength to work out new beginnings in a new cycle of growth initiated by moving into the start of the zodiac.  The energy is there to untie deep karmic knots but frustrations will still come up strongly and given all the changes going on in the sky.

The ruling constellation of Ashwini is Ketu spurring you into new spiritual growth and development but  Ketu is still pretty afflicted in transit as it is late degrees of Libra in the true node system where it is still getting its bearing in a new sigh.    This may create an interest in new projects but the inability or weakness to finish them so make sure you only take on what you can handle.   It can also bring on stubbornness or racing around wildly with too much “wild horse” energy so make sure to slow down and stay balanced.

Mercury in Ashwini brings a strong and fiery intellect that can be impulsive, independent and aggressive mind that wants to accomplish things too fast and this can lead to frustration, an angry mind poor planning, deceit, too much debt or risk-taking, abuse of drugs and alcohol and nervous strain.

Watch maintenance of home appliances, electrical equipment, and computers as the combination of Mercury/Ketu through the Nakshatra and the underlying energy of Ketu can create challenges and the key is to be patient.  A  Remember Mercury is connected to Hermes and the trickster and likes to play with you and see if you stay cool and calm and collected with the wrenches it sometimes throws so be patient.

Mercury transits into Bharani April 14-22nd  (pronounced BAR-AN-NEE) which is located at 13.20 Aries to 26.40 Aries and is ruled by the planet Venus on Tuesday.    To astronomers, it consists of 3 stars known as 35, 39, and 41-Ariettes and its symbol is the female vagina which means that it embodies the eternal creative feminine energy of the womb.  It relates to the capacity to receive, hold and nurture and even has some Kali energy associated with destruction as the archetypal quality of the mother that will protect her young at all costs.

Emotionally the constellation embodies caution, jealousy, struggle, sacrifice, sexuality, catharsis nurturing, and maternal love.  It is also connected to the god Yama, of death and transformation and operates in hidden unpredictable ways, and enjoys its secrecy.  Yama is not a serious deity as we might normally think of and has a lighthearted playful expressive quality also and it is a benevolent deity and should not be feared.  Hence the constellation of Bharani deals with the extremes of creating of life as well as dissolution.

Bharani swings between a lust for life and a fear of death between naivete and wisdom.  It has a young child’s excitement to explore its surroundings without restraint.   If your rising sign or moon is born under this constellation or your Sun (April 27-May 10th), you are capable of going through huge transformations and radical changes and need to exhaust all possibilities in your quest.

Creativity is a keyword for this constellation and I often see artists born under this constellation which is not something one thinks about in Aries.  If you were born under this constellation you can keep the peaceful countenance of Venus but may have raging storms going through you.  You need to learn how to be responsible for one’s actions and avoid cruelty.

Mercury will be channeling  Venus’s energy, which is strong in Aquarius and moving toward the expansive Jupiter in Pisces into April 30th.  During the transit is powerful for creative writing and speech and can lead to more gusto for life and deep and sweet intellectual expression.  Mercury will pick up on 2nd and 7th house energy from Taurus and Libra now and bring in more cash flow, family love, and better relationships for certain rising signs with Geminis benefiting the most but Libras will do better with also, and as also will  Leo rising.

The best part of the transit is 16.40-20.00 Aries, April 17-18th h where Mercury is exalted in the D-9 here where a fiery mind can finally calm down and find the answers.  Mercury will be moving toward Rahu at the end of the transit peaking into April 24th and this can cause problems with computer scams so watch out for those phishing links that offer things that are too good too be true.     Still, Mercury is still in Aries so Virgos are still experiencing a troubled 8th house transit and Aries are not happy either.

As always, gratitude to my Gurus and Jyotish Gurus for their wisdom and guidance.



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