We knew that Mars and Rahu in Aries with Uranus would be messy but already we have had mass protests in Sri Lanka over food and energy inflation forcing thee resignation of their President, the resignation of Boris Johnson in the UK and the assassination of the former President of Japan while he was campaigning.  Add to that farmers protesting in Holland when a 1/3 of their land is being confiscated due to nitrogen shortages but as one reporter noted, its is really Communism as the government wants to give it to the migrants.  If you are not hearing about these events, please find alternate news sources as our world is changing very quickly.  We are still over 3 weeks away from the fulcrum point of Mars/Rahu/Uranus the first week of August and big cracks in our world and its leaders are emerging.  How out of touch our leaders are with populace is growing more and clear.

The week of July 10th starts out with 5 planets weak in the D9 chart with Mercury and Venus in Pisces and Virgo in the D9 and losing strength, the moon in Scorpio in transit and Rahu and Ketu in Scorpio and Taurus navamsha.   We move into the auspicious spiritual holiday of Guru Purnima on Wednesday the 13th with the moon in Sagittarius and it mark a time of gratitude for the teachers in our life who point us out of darkness into light  Mars is weak in the D9 all week April 11-16th  creating more tiredness and dampening creativity of Mars in Aries .  The Sun moves into Cancer on July 16-August 16th.   

The elephant in the room is Saturn moving from early degrees of Aquarius into late degrees of Capricorn and stays in late degrees into July 28th.  We have written about this but it makes Saturn weaker and it brings up its darker energies  of fear and procrastination and unsettled grumblings.  Last time Saturn was at 29-0 degrees Capricorn, the stock market fell 10% as it was unsettled.  This Wednesday on July 13th we get a new CPI report measuring inflation and if it is above 9%, watch out.

The Sun is moving toward total combustion with Mercury into July 16th and this can create a buzzy and busy mind and increase nervousness.

Mars conjuncts the May 1st eclipse point in Aries on July 2oth and this may lead to some unexpected explosion or violence.  As Mars moves toward Uranus into August 1st we should see more earthquakes and volcanic activity happening.  .

The good news at the end of the month is that Jupiter goes stationary/retrograde on July 28th.  The week of a Jupiter station is often a very expansive time  and retrograde benefics are more powerful to do good.  Still marketing and expansion delays are typical during a retrograde Jupiter so get all your marketing and planning in place early.

Help others and donate to your favorite charities and stay on top of your spiritual practices to stay strong for emotional and societal upheavals.   Saturn is connected to government and you have to sense that in late Capricorn this month it will continue to be more inept and lets hope that new leadership continues to emerge for our troubled world.




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