Uranus Retrograde:   August 24th-Jan. 22nd and a Look at the US Political Landscape

Uranus Retrograde:   August 24th-Jan. 22nd and a Look at the US Political Landscape

Uranus goes stationary/retrograde in Aries starting on Wednesday, August 24th, and stays there until Jan. 22nd going backward between Aries 24 to Aries 20.   This is more of an outer world event but it can trigger unexpected fire-related disasters like volcanoes, and forest fires as it is happening in the sign of Aries and Aries is a sign of war so eruptions in Taiwan and other troubled places in the world are up. If you have planets at 18-26  Aries or Cancer or Libra or Capricorn, you may feel the impact.  We worry about sensitive volcanic areas like the Northwest or Yellow Stone or the New Madras fault in the Midwest having a big shift. 

Uranus teaches us about freedom and rebellion.  It does not have to be violent and we have seen the successful use of rebellion in a peaceful way like  Gandhi did in India.   The US was founded on certain inalienable rights and we should not go backward and we should not shred the Bill of Rights.  The media continues to try to divide our country into issues around abortion, trans-rights, red and blue, gun control, and Woke curricula in the schools.  If you have not figured it out, it seems that they want to create a Civil War to divide our country to weaken it and with the April 8 2024 total solar eclipse that will criss-cross the entire USA during the day, there will be something dramatic happening to divide our nation.  

We have to worry about Taiwan erupting and being invaded as the Mars/Uranus/Rahu conjunction led to the war games as Pelosi visited Taiwan and they continue as other Democratic Senators go over. By the Solar eclipse on Oct. 25th, something more dramatic is likely to happen as Mars goes stationary/retrograde at 1 degree Gemini over the US natal Mars in the 7th house and over the President of China’s natal Sun. 

Still, it seems that the powers that be want to anger the Trump supporters with the FBI raid on his home, the Jan. 6th trials, and continued sniping by the media.  We worry about false flags happening in red states to trigger some major event.  September looks better than most months but when Venus moves into Virgo on Sept 24-Oct. 18th, relationships breakdown and Sun in Libra Oct. 17-Nov. 16th is always messy for leadership.  Some major events will get triggered to somehow give the powers that be a chance to heroically save the Union and increase their votes or something so disruptive will happen to derail the Nov. 8th Mid-Terms which are happening during a Total Lunar Eclipse.

Our other key cycles suggest some major acceleration in world conflict between Jan 9-27th when Saturn is sandhi moving between 29 Capricorn into 1 Aquarius increasing fear in the world.  Can Jupiter in Pisces continue to hold the world together? 


When Uranus is retrograde in someone’s chart (and it is 5 months of the year)  the rebellious urges tend to explode and burst forth seemingly out of nowhere.   Uranus retrograde in transit is a regular cycle lasting 155 days every year in which the planet moves four degrees backward through the zodiac. This is a time of inner change in response to external changes in your life.  Our world is very polarized now:  the vaxed and the anti-vaxes, the liberals and the conservatives, the tension in the cities.  Some of these tensions are going to erupt unless you see beyond the duality. We all want everyone to be like us but the world thrives and grows in diversity. The media is more interested in creating fighting and opposition rather than allowing the beautiful mosaic of diversity to blossom.  Whatever happened to friendly discussions where we are fine accepting alternative views and do not have to unfriend people or stop talking to them because of their beliefs?   What is wrong with our world?  There is plenty of room for multiple viewpoints in this world.

The Uranus retrograde may stir up a lot of inner upheaval and anger toward the status quo, in the sign of  Aries, it can easily explode.   During the bubbling phase, the person is not realizing how much rebellion is brewing until it explodes.

On a personal level, Uranus can incite rebellion in any ruts in our personal life that need transformation.  If you have planets 18-22 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you may more intensely get triggered to make sudden changes to break out of these ruts.  In this life, you may feel the shock on the inside as stress, restlessness, and impulsiveness. Internal instability can lead to anxiety disorders, spasms, neurotic behavior or rapid personality changes, great spurts of inventive action, and rebellious behavior.

On the external mundane level, explosions or outbursts of collective rioting are possible. Watch hot spots in the US for surprises and more violent clashes in big cities over the coming weeks.

For those who think that Uranus is not important as it was in the ancient Vedic texts, I want to note the research of Dennis Harness:

Neo-Vedic astrologer, Dennis Harness, notes that Uranus is connected to Vedic mythology:

” Prajapati is the lord of progeny and creativity. He “exerts his heat and duplicates himself” and his “divine voice sounds like thunder”.  One of the translations of Prajapati is Indra, the lord of thunder and lightning. A similarity to the planet Uranus can easily be seen. Uranus represents the Prometheus myth of bringing fire to the earth, the bringer of change and innovation. Uranus is often associated with heat, lightning, and thunder. He was also the father of Venus, the goddess of creativity. Narendra Desai felt that Uranus was a higher octave of Mercury, the god of creative intellect. He said that a prominent Uranus was often seen in the chart of a good astrologer.”

Uranus retrograde can be a great time for invention and technological research so use this transit to start those discoveries and explore science.  Great creativity is possible around the station on August 16-22nd.

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