Mercury’s journey into Cancer this year is not difficult. The combustion by the Sun ends on July 13th and that will help the busy and buzzy mind.  The most difficult part of Mercury in Cancer is the changing of the dispositor, the Moon,  every 2.5 days. If you are born with an afflicted Mercury in Cancer, it can cause restlessness, nervousness, impatience, constraints with emotions, open to giving undue compliments, and subject to nervous disorders.  Mercury considers the moon an enemy and the planet of the intellect is not comfortable in the emotional realm creating mental confusion at times.

Mercury has a very quick visit here but will spend extra time in Leo from July 24-Oct 1st due to retrograde motion from August 23-Sept. 15th in Leo.

Mercury stays in the gandanta area July 23-25th in the constellations of Ashlesha where one has to watch out for one’s sharp tongue or one will make many enemies. It is time to be careful with poisons and toxins. This is a troubled emotional area where people need to encounter their karmic past and unravel difficult knots and problems from past lives.

Mercury is debilitated at the end of Cancer in the D-9 chart (Cancer 26.40-29.59), so it cannot use its intellectual superiority to unravel the past and find solace in spiritual faith, which it does not do well as Mercury likes to use his mind and intellect. So the most difficult part of the transit is July 23-25.

Gemini rising, and Virgo rising are likely to experience deep emotional and troubling psychological turmoil in July but may find enough spiritual energy to work through the mental fray of issues connected to home, family, security, and nurturing that are likely to come up in Cancer.

The good news is that this is a 2nd and 11th house transit of Mercury for Virgos and Geminis so there will be gains once you sift through delays and blockages and arguments.  The transit is more troubling for Cancer rising which does not need additional mental confusion. 

Mercury does well with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10th and 11th houses transits from the Moon or Rising sign so Virgos, Libras, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Aries, and Taurus will do better with the transit within the context of their dashas. 

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