Venus is getting ready this week to slow and to go retrograde on Saturday, July 22nd  and it will be a bit irritated in the enemy sign of Leo and close to Mars.   It turns retrograde on Saturday, July 22nd  in Leo at 4 degrees and it retrogrades back into Cancer on August 8th and gets to  Cancer 18 degrees into Sept. 3rd and does not get back to Leo until Oct 1st.  The last time we had a retrograde of Venus in the Cancer/Leo Gandanta area was in July- September of 2007.

If you have a key point like the Moon or the Ascendant at 3-5 degrees Leo, you will feel the station more powerfully.        Venus retrogrades only happens every one and a half to two years.   Venus is combust August 8-18 2023 which means it is not visible in the night sky as its rays are obscured by the Sun.      Combust retrograde planets like Mercury and Venus are not considered to be a problem in transit and are not burned by the Sun.      Retrograde benefics are more powerful to do good and this will particularly impact Libra, Taurus, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Cancer positively. Still, when Venus gets close to the Sun during the combustion it may lead to excessive spending and superficial love and being careless about investments.

If you were born with Venus retrograde in your natal chart, you might not fit into mainstream relationships or have an unusual love interest. Sometimes people with Venus retrograde in their birth charts become celibates or sometimes swingers. It can create frigidity and sometimes alternative sexual preferences.   In transit, it often leads to evaluating one’s love interest.   In the end, the retrograde energy may lead to increase sexual activity as a result of not feeling loved enough and then seeking it out in strange ways.  Sometimes Venus retrogrades can challenge traditional models of marriage or partnering or increase attraction to the same sex with women.  

Venus retrograde in transit may suddenly force you to reevaluate your love life or lead to angry flare-ups around the combustion in January. It can reverse the norm so if you were not interested in a relationship, the retrograde might spin you to suddenly craving one and vice-versa.

This is all happening in the sign of Leo where ego and being on the center of the stage are important and then Cancer where there is a fullness of creativity and love and where there is deep caring and artistic expression.  Hence a good time to pull out your brushes or write some poetry or take that dance class. Mercury and Venus are conjunct into July 27th so a good time to write a song or poem or start that novel.

The dark side of the transit is that Venus is going back through the Gandanta or difficult and emotionally knotted transition point between the fire and the water signs at 27 Cancer to 3 Leo between July 31st and August 12th.  This will give you another chance to unravel the tangled knots of emotion and karma that came up earlier in the month.



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