Jupiter is combust until June 3rd.   Combustion means it is hidden in the night sky because it is too close to the Sun.  It is  one of the biggest afflictions for planets that really is not talked about enough as combust planets are burnt up and their significations are hurt. The Jupiter combustion creates false optimism, which can feel great, but then reality can set in after all the false hopes. Make practical decisions over the next few weeks and stay out of the Pisces cloud of optimism.   Jupiter is rather afflicted in Taurus where it can be naive and not face reality so be practical with decisions.

On an Ayurvedic level,  Jupiter governs the liver and it may be afflicted these next few weeks so drink  fresh organic squeezed lemon in some hot water in the morning to get that liver moving. All forms of the twist in Hatha yoga support the liver and help squeeze out toxins. You may need to do the Cow face pose (Gomukhasana) to energize the liver over the next few weeks.

Avoid heavy and oily foods — especially at night — which are hard to metabolize and use liver tonics and lemon in water in the morning to tonify the liver. This is a good time for Panchakarma at the Ayurveda clinic or a simple diet of rice and dahl to give your liver a rest.

Be realistic and check your facts careful and lighten up on people if you are feeling heavy. The exact conjunction of Sun and Jupiter can be really powerful for the Sun and Jupiter as the Sun will take on all of Jupiter’s energy and feel uplifted by generosity, confidence and expansion. In Western Astrology that is called Cazimi which takes Jupiter into the heart of God for spiritual upliftment. I often will use a 1 degree orb although technically its much tighter by definition and that is running May 17-19th.

The good thing about the conjunction is that those ruled by the Sun are energized greatly by Jupiter’s exalted warmth and this may help leadership and self-confidence. All of this is taking place in Krittika Nakshatra which is ruled by the Sun and this can bring out a biting or cutting critical attitude at times.

If you are ruled by Jupiter being Pisces or Sagittarius rising. the combustion can increase fatigue and lethargy so make sure you get exercise and rest and avoid heavy foods. Spring rains have made Kalpha season very sluggish so stay on top of it.


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