Jeff V Poole’s Bio

Jeff V. Poole has been studying Vedic knowledge for over 44 years. His interest in meditation, Vedic Astrology, and the Vedic sciences began at age 19. In 1980 he attended a month-long International Symposium on Vedic Science in Delhi, India. Following that symposium, he traveled the US lecturing on Vedic Science.

After a successful 34-year career with leading High Technology Network companies, 3Com, Intel Corp, Symplex Communications, and MSI Consulting Group (a WPP company), he changed life directions in 2002 to co-found Shruti Institute Inc in Boulder, Colorado until 2013. The Institute provided advanced training in Sanskrit, Vedic Chanting, and other Vedic knowledge including counseling and training programs in Jyotisha. The Institute trained professional yoga teachers, corporate yoga organizations, and independent yogi’s around the world.  Its online Sanskrit Course called Sanskrit for Yogis, subsequently became the #1 selling program of its kind worldwide for teachers of Yoga.

Jeff currently lives in the Colorado Rocky Mountains (the American Himalayas) where he runs a thriving global Vedic Astrology practice: Vedic Counsel Inc. In the past 4 years, he has personally counseled hundreds of clients from all walks of life, worldwide with clients from more than 30 countries: India, China, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay, Panama, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, South Africa, Germany, UK, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, France, South Africa, Greece, and Croatia.

In December 2018 Jeff authored his first book: “Gap Hacking Your Purposeful Career: Harness the “Gap” in Your Consciousness to Discover Your Life Purpose,” which became a #1 bestseller on Amazon.


You can reach him online for Vedic Astrology sessions through his scheduling website at: and by email:


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