Blocks to Moksha in the Natal Chart Barry Rosen 2022


Barry Rosen. Blocks to Moksha in the Natal Chart: Maneuvering Through the Rivers of Karma.

“The ability to get off the wheel of karma often takes grace, a Sat Guru, and a deep awareness of what unconscious mistakes we are making that block us from being free. Sometimes these are connected to addictive patterns in the 6th house and planets in the 12th house that creates unconscious patterns which prevent us from being free. Planets in the other moksha houses like the 4th and the 8th can also create blocks and even our primal urges connected to the 3rd house can keep us bound in lower patterns. Mars and the Sun which are connected to ego also have layers of ego games involving domination, power being right, and making others wrong. In this talk, Barry Rosen will discuss the blocks and blind spots that cause suffering and keep us trapped on the wheel of karma and how awareness of them can set us free.”  PRESENT AT THE 2022 PARASARA CONFERENCE ONLINE SPONSORED BY KSANATI NAKSHATRA.  Recorded Nov. 20, 2022.

9.95/ 1 hour/ Video to download.

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