Personal Finance, Business, Investment and Electional Astrology (Money Karma 2) Course Manual


This is the supplementary course manual for Personal Finance, Business, Investment, and Electional Astrology (Money Karma 2).

Lesson 1 Secrets of Sources of Income from Your Chart – Intro

  • Lesson 1B Introduction to Money Karma 2 – Overview

Lesson 2 Arudhas and 11th House and Income

  • Lesson 2A Arudhas and Career
  • Lesson 2B Arudhas Part 2
  • Lesson 2 Bonus Intro to Jaimini for Chara Dasha Purposes

Lesson 3 Arudha Padas and Money Karma

Lesson 4 Life Purpose and Income

Lesson 5 The D11 for Awards, Inheritance, and Windfalls

  • Lesson 5 Bonus Tape: Vedic Remedies for Finance
  • Lesson 5 Bonus Core Rules for Vargas Part 1

Lesson 6 D2 Hora and Timing Sources of Money

Lesson 7 Introduction to Mundane Astrology for Muhurta and Investment

Lesson 8 Timing, Gold, Silver, and Crude

Lessons 9-11 Muhurtha

Lesson 12 Money Remedies Part 2

Lesson 13 Picking Stock Sectors

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