For a year, I have been wondering about the impact of the Saturn/Pluto/Ketu conjunction in Sagittartius and we last saw that combination in 1518 when Martin Luther nailed the reformation to the church door and started something that would go on for 100’s of years.    I am still not clear what similar event has been initiated for the coming years but there is a lot of political and social and economic tensions brewing and more is likely to come.

Pluto went into sidereal Capricorn on Feb 24th and that along with Mars hitting the eclipse point last weekend has opened a can of worms in mass fear and hysteria.   Without an influence of Jupiter now both Saturn and Pluto have more intensity and apocalyptic fear.  We have to think that Jupiter conjunct Pluto into April 4th and Jupiter in Capricorn with Saturn March 29-June 29 2020 will help calm fears but in the process, Jupiter will be the good guy jumping in the water to save the others and may get pulled in by the current a little.   March is likely to seem intense with some lightening after March 18th when Ketu moves out of the most challenging  part of the sky.

Saturn/Pluto can create intensity about over-reaching power from the outside as we saw with the Chinese reaction to the virus.  It   can also melt economic and political boundaries.  We can expect e big shifts in things such as governments and the economy and now with Pluto in Capricorn and not getting enough support from Jupiter, there is a bit more chaos and fear. Over the weekend, Turkey is letting  go of it fences blocking Syrian refugees from fleeing into Europe and already Hungary is ready to block its borders.   The immigrant crisis could get a bit more intense.

Saturn/Pluto will seek to restructure decaying societal structures such as our healthcare system, or Corporataracy government run by the elite.  In the process it seeks to eventual heal and rebuild these old structures but the process can be painful as the old is torn down.   That is something we may see over the next 1-3 years.   To really utilize the energies of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn  we have to explore the inner unconscious fears and shadows in our life and in our government and in the ethical ways that our business are run.   The Virus crisis is going to bring this energy up in a bigger way to heal but it will not be easy as governmental powers will not want to let go and may exert more draconian control.

The last time we had a Saturn/Pluto conjunction was Nov. 8th, 1982 at Libra 4 degrees.   We had the AIDS crisis in Libra the sign of relationship. Now it is  in Capricorn so it will be a crisis in economics, politics and business and infractructure which Capricorn governs.   In 1982,  in  astrology the Social Party of Spain was formed them and a major civil war in Sri Lanka started.  Given the intense movement toward socialism in the world now and the huge amount of civil unrest in South America and Hong Kong and France and other places, we could see all of this intensify.

In personal astrology this cycle forces one to make difficult changes in your life that have outlived their usefulness. Depending on what house is impacted in your chart by Capricorn  this may be connected to work (10th house) for Aries rising , relationship for Cancer Rising (7th house) or home  for Libra rising (4th house) or many other varieties.  Saturn’s intense aspects on these signs will create more anxiety as we try to get a grip on our unconscious fears of survival that are being unearthed in Capricorn.

Capricorn governs the basis Charka. When strong it has interest in expanding material existence when it is afflicted as it is with Pluto, it creates fear of survival and as people start hoarding food and supplies, this mass hysteria is rearing its ugly head.   Its not something that can be controlled or legislated.

On a psychological level, there is great power to complete psychological transformation and have a breakthrough. But the process is tiring and slow and some old structure represented by Saturn has to breakdown.  Its possible that things get taken away from you like a home, or a bank account but ultimately this transit is reinforcing a new need to change your lifestyle and live within your means and not be dependent on others.

This transit will force you to work extra hard and be patient and face  your responsibilities despite fatigue and tensions.  You may experience disappointments that force you to change in new ways.  Remember the cocoon has to be destroyed for the butterfly to emerge.   You have to fix things that are not working in your life and you cannot continue as usual and with Pluto at the end of Sagittarius, you have to fix and complete the work on the house that Pluto has been transforming since 2006.   Pluto will stay completely into Capricorn for many years starting in 2021 and briefly this year from Feb. 24th to June 29th 2020.  The United States will be having its Pluto return in 2024 and that is always a huge transformational time when we look at civilizations like the Roman Empire and the United Kingdom.   Pluto will be moving through the US second house with its return so a crisis around trillions of dollars of debt and major financial restructuring is inevitable in the coming years.

There is a lot of global economic and political reform coming over the years.  God has a plan so do not get caught up in mass hysteria.  Help others and you will always be safe and taken care of.

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