Applied Vedic Astrology - Dancing CandlesA lot has been written about the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio which peaks into August 23 but is most noticeable within a 3 degree orb between August 17-30th. My friend Edith Hathaway describes the nature of Scorpio best: ” Scorpio is a fixed sign, and the Sanskrit word sthira means also stationary or still – an oxymoron for Scorpio – often characterized by a seething, volcanic kind of energy when prominent. This energy can erupt suddenly, having been in the molten lava stage for some time; and in human terms such an eruption may not necessarily lead to clarity and enlightenment but to further confusion and real damage on many levels. Thus, with Scorpio, we should pay close attention to what lies hidden or unacknowledged. So just like molten lava threatening to unleash itself, this planetary and real life scenario reflects a seething cauldron.”

Saturn will continue to unearth deep secrets in your life particularly if you have major planets in Scorpio or are Scorpio rising or on the Scorpio/Taurus axis. This should be a time when deep world and personal truths come to light. This conjunction can bring explosive anger and energy up so that deep healing can occur. The more you and the planet can speak the truth and be honest, the easier this process can be. Remember that you are safe and that the Divine has a bigger plan for your life and for the world. The Sept. 1st solar eclipse at 15 degrees Leo will also continue to reveal hidden secrets also and will impact Leo and Aquarius rising signs and people who have birthdays around August 31-Sept. 1st. Mars squaring Ketu exactly will also stir the cauldrons just before the eclipse. I suspect that all the political tensions with Trump and Hillary will come to some climaxes around Labor Day. .

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