While the Hilary natal chart of Libra Rising (10/26/1947, 8:02 am, Chicago) is in question, it is the chart that makes the most sense to me. Hilary is running a Sun/Rahu/Saturn period going into the Sept. 1st Solar eclipse and that combination is archetypal for a loss of power and status. It is happening in the 11th house (a bhadaka house) where friends and groups turn against one for Libras. Venus will transit her 12th house in Virgo, August 25-Sept. 20th and we will also have a Lunar eclipse between her 5th and 11th house on Sept. 16th. If she can survive all the scandals through Sept. 22nd, I think she will be empowered by Venus transiting into Libra, Sept. 19-Oct. 13th.

Last March we wrote that Trump’s Leo chart was empowered by the Jupiter transit through Leo which is ending on August 11th and then he has to contend with stronger Saturn aspects on Leo which are not helped by Jupiter’s grace. Trump was born during an eclipse and he is a kind of a good rakshasa or demon that is trying to change society. The Solar eclipse in Leo will probably empower him a bit in contrast to Hillary as that is how eclipses effect demons by robbing the light from others. Still, Trump is in a Rahu/Mars/Venus period now until Sept. 26th and Venus is a bitter enemy his 12th house, conjunct Saturn and 12 houses from Mars in the natal chart. This suggest loss of status also. His Rahu/Mars/Sun period until Oct. 15th after that will allow a lift in status but so often the Rahu/Mars/Moon period will take a candidate that is power hungry and create a huge fall. He cannot win the election.

Our sense is that neither candidate will make it through the election and that other candidates will replace them. One famous psychic thought that Obama would declare martial law in any chaos that might happen and that scenario makes the most sense to us given the circus of unqualified candidates running. We think the story on this bizarre year is far from over and will heat up with all the bizarre transits in late August and September.

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