BUSY MONTH for the SUN and LEO

BUSY MONTH FOR THE SUN and LEO: August 17-Sept. 16th: The Complexity of Leadership, Ego and Independence.

The Sun is the heart of the Kala Purusha and everyone derives power and vitality and health from his benevolent rays. He represents, courage, valor, royalty, fatherhood, victory and success. He is at home and strong in his own sign of Leo but will be surrounded by enemies over the next month.

Leo is tie sign of Individualization, a sign of majestic light and power and is the natural 5th sign of the zodiac which represents the creative urge of the Cosmic man to return to his Source. It represents the Divine Child holding the hand of his Father in the Sky but impetuously jumping into the world of matter, Leo is a material sign but they always have an eye toward the heavens. The challenge of Leo and something we are seeing in our Leo Presidential candidates is that their egotism is so entrenched that they are not prepared to renounce their material attainments and go for something higher for the planet.

Leo is home for the Sun but in this sign he is stubborn, independent while very organized in doing humanitarian work. Leo represents the King, the seer, and the great leader but its hard for him to do his job when he is crowded out by enemies hurling problems at him such as Saturn and Rahu and even Venus, who is one of the problem planets for the Leos and Venus tends to create problems with siblings, work and partnerships.

When the Sun goes into Leo on August 17th, we will have 4 planets there with Mercury, Rahu, Venus and Jupiter has just left. We have a solar eclipse on Sept. 1st in Leo and we have two presidential candidates that are Leo rising. Expect clash of the titans hurling solar flares at each other.

Saturn in Scorpio casts a full aspect or glance onto Leo through late December, If you are are Leo rising, Leo Sun (born August 17-Sept. 16th) or have planets in Leo, it is a complex month and this will be even more so for Hilary and Donald. The Solar eclipse of Sept. 1st tends to reveal deep hidden secrets and the result is often the downfall of a leader as only Rahu and Ketu can bring down the Sun and the great King. Would expect that Hilary is more vulnerable than Donald, who was born on an eclipse and will be empowered by this one.

If we thought that the Presidential race was crazy so far, look for Sun in Leo to heat it up as we get a true clash of the titans grasping at power with Saturn’s glance working to humble them and Rahu’s aspect trying to eclipse them and bring them down.

If you are in leadership expect major clashes with employees and subordinates and try to keep your cool and majestic poise. Stay with your meditation to energize you and remember, you are King and others are threatened by your brilliance. Let your majestic and humanitarian grace out and help others through your leadership and you will shine through all the attacks. For more insights into personal life, visit our website at www.appliedvedicastrology.com.

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