So the Mars/Saturn conjunction is August 24th and we have written about it before. As Mars moves within 3 degrees of Saturn the energy is increasing as if we are getting closer to the flame of fire; when you are in the same room of the fire it is more intense compared to being downstairs.

Today, Tuesday, August 16th, is ruled by Mars and the Saturdays and Tuesdays which are ruled by Saturn and Mars respectively will be more intensely felt the rest of the month. The tendency is for anger and frustration to bubble up and you may snap at people. Resentment may flow through the mind. Delays and obstacles and indecision may bubble up in the volcanic cauldron of Scorpio.

Stay on top of your meditation and yoga and spiritual practices the rest of the month to stay even and grounded. Go easier and slower and be more patient and aware to avoid accidents and angry flare-ups. GIve people the benefit of mistakes that happen and be forgiving rather than fly off the handle. This is a 2-week period to practice mindfulness and observe what is happening in the mind and body and to stay balanced and not over-react. Find away to laugh at situations and practice patience. If you do not stay on top of sleep, if you indulge in bad habits that are not good for you, if you are not mindful, it may seem rough and frustrating.

Remember, it is the play of the planets. Take responsibility when you make mistakes and apologize but observe the drama and craziness and realize that it is not you. Go back in our blog and reread the articles that we have written earlier in the month.

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