Virgo is one of the more fascinating signs representing the World mother.  Virgo ascendents sometimes feel cut out of material prosperity and sensual pleasures and feel unhappy taking on the sins of the world embodying the German word, Weltscmertz.  The sign is endowed with great intellgence, shakti, physicality, Universal life, the gift of poetry and speech and music and great psychic and intuitive powers.  And yet despite all these gifts, there is often great dissatisfaction with life.  The benefics transiting through Virgo, enhance all the positive qualities but do create complications at times when they get too close to each other.

Mercury transits into Virgo, its sign of exaltation August 19-Sept. 9th and then retrogrades back into Leo and returns Oct. 3rd- 21st.  This enhances Mercury’s powers as described above and is a great time for deep thought and creative expression in music and writing and is a great time for a clear intellect and coherent thinking.   Geminis and Virgo rising particularly do well with the transit for health and career.  Mercury goes retrograde August 30-Sept. 22nd  and at least 1/2 of it is in its exalted sign so this should not be as bad a Mercury retrograde as usual and would depend on your rising sign.


We have already published and article about Jupiter in Virgo but then we will get three benefics in Virgo with Jupiter, Mercury and Venus all there from August 25-Sept. 9th.  On one level this is good think but there are levels of complexity that come with.

Mercury is in a planetary war with Jupiter on Monday, August 22nd.  They are actually great enemies and this conjunction can be good for writing and thinking clearly but it for Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sag. rising, it can lead to very complex relationship problems centered around the challenge of idealism with Pisces and the practical and critical and biting nature of Virgo.  It is a good transit for business as Mercury is the significator for business and Jupiter expands it. It also can lead to broaded and deep comprehension of any issue you are dealing with.   Still, when they are within 3 degrees August 21-23rd , you might get carried away by enthusiasm and doing too many things and being too critical or argumentative and getting into relationship squabbles.  Be more patient and accepting of others and less hard on yourself.

Venus in Virgo also hits its low point for the year and stays there August 25-Sept. 18th

Mercury cancels out the debilitation at least through Sept. 9th and Jupiter uplifts a bit but I find Venus in Virgo is very complicated for relationships as she tends to be too critical and analytical in this sign rather than in purely idealist love. Not a good time to start a new relationship and I often notice marriage fights and divorces during this transit.   Go easy on your partner, accept and do not expect perfection.

This transit is particularly difficult for Libra rising as it is a 12th house transit and brings out Venus’s erotic nature rather than her purer love of beauty and the arts and can lead to a lot of expenditures and loses and fatigue.  The lion pose can help Venus restore its 2nd Chakra energy and the plough and twist  poses can support the kidneys and pancreas which can get taxed by Venus in Virgo. Definitely watch your sweet intake if you are trying to replace frayed emotions with sugar.

Venus conjunct  Jupiter  on August 27th can lead to expansive feeling of wanting to buy and so if you have a problem with “over-shopping” and “overspending watch  the last week of August.

​ Obviously if you are Virgo or Gemini  rising or Pisces or Libra or Taurus Rising, you will probably feel these transits more or if you have a lot of natal planets in Virgo. But still should be more a party once we get through the heaviness of Mars/Saturn conjunction on August 24th.

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