There is a complex web of malefic influences hitting the planet and our personal life over the next two months and we need to understand them. The Saturn/Mars conjunction started it off on August 24th and their connection is not over until Sept. 18th. We also have Mars squaring Ketu into August 30th and Saturn aspecting Rahu into Oct. 9th and Saturn squaring Neptune into Sept 10th and then in November, Neptune conjunct Ketu. Our personal and collective psyches are going to be churned up for huge healings. So let’s understand it all.

On Wednesday, August 24th, we had the Saturn/Mars conjunction in Scorpio at the key dreadful star of Antares. This conjunction of Mars/Saturn at Antares around 15 degrees Scorpio does not happen very often — maybe a dozen times in the last 2000 years — and has often brought up major world events. Last time was in Feb. 1986 and when the moon went over that point in April, it triggered Chernobyl in connection with a Sun/Pluto aspect. It tends to create major tragic events within a few months. (Special thanks to Juliana Swanson of Astral Harmony for our conversation around this topic.)

Saturn/Neptune square which is exact into Sept. 10th between Scorpio and Aquarius will bring more secrets to the surface and we have already seen that unraveling already in the world with continual revelations about the Clintons but even more will come up. Chances are the rest of the Wikileaks stuff will come to the surface. The eclipses on Sept 1st and Sept. 16th also have a way of unearthing secrets and bringing them to the surface, and solar eclipses in Leo/Aquarius are particularly key for knocking out leadership. Expect some world leaders to go down in scandal and we wonder if our Leo candidates can survive these transits and eclipses. We are skeptical.

Right near publication, we have the exact square of Mars onto Ketu between Scorpio and Aquarius peaking into August 30th. Mars/Ketu aspects deal with seething anger, repressed violence or moving forward with courage in the face of trauma. This aspect is also about repressed power and Ketu has a tendency to explode in anger in violence when it does not express its needs. It will be an important time not to let your seething anger out and not let it get bottled up. The recent race riots in Milwaukee are an example of unleashed anger and they occurred before the exact aspect which peaks into August 30th but has a 3 degree orb between August 24th and Sept. 5th. While the conjunction in late December will be more dramatic, the 4th house aspect will be felt with surges of violence in the big city, increases in terrorism. Anger and social outrage can be a good thing. Do not get bottled up. Express your feelings, let it out and then drop it. Write letters, do posts on Facebook or call your Congressperson. In the extreme, this aspect can lead to accidents, fires and explosions if the energy is not released. Be careful around your home and driving though mid-Sept. and stay alert and not lost in your mind and emotions. The warrior pose in yoga can help focus Mars better to be alert.

The bright side of the conjunction of Mars and Saturn or Mars and Ketu is that in Scorpio it is forcing us to face our unconscious fears and repressed angers and look at them and transform them. Capricorns and Aquarians need to find an outlook to unlock pent-up anger or it will explode. Exercise and healthy competition is one way to let it out. Scorpios have to look deeply at their fears and realize that they are an empty room and do not exist. 99.9% of the things we are afraid of never manifest. Look up the magicians “fear sleeve” and expose him for the fraud that he is. You are infinitely safe in this universe.

As Saturn moves to squaring Rahu most of September within 3 degrees and into October 9th exactly, we also have to deal with our paranoias and phobias both individually and collectively. Some of this will come out in terms of fears of foreigners, technology, strangers, and foreign countries (as represented by Rahu) and fears of terrorism suggested by the approaching square of Mars onto Ketu exactly into late August and not really letting up until Mars goes into Sagittarius on Sept. 18th. The problems with violence and terrorism are very real and the threat to Europe is very real and yet we buy into the media’s hype and it gets exaggerated in our minds.

Ultimately terrorism and war events and craziness will fire the flames of the irrational fears and the media will use the energy to whip us up into a frenzy so that our leaders can take away more human rights and try to control us through fear. Turn off your TV and seek out the truth in reliable internet blogs. The recent Rahu/Jupiter conjunction since last January has distorted the truth of media (Jupiter) to the point that everyone can sense how absurd and fear-mongering they are and their lack of truth. Someone recently coined CNN the Clinton News Network and it seems rather true and has come a long way down since the Ted Turner days.

Saturn/Rahu aspects require us to go more slowly, to not rush around like a rabbit and not to do too much; otherwise, our anxiety level increases and we are more likely to get sick from hypertension or anxiety-related illness. The cooling weather of the fall and the winds of autumn will also naturally increase these energies. Drink more hot water and calming herbal teas, slow down, do slower exercise, get oil massages and eat more hot meals and you can keep this aspect at bay. If you are running a Rahu/Saturn or Saturn/Rahu period or you are Leo rising or Scorpio rising, the impact of these energies may be more pronounced in your chart and life.

On a personal level, use the transits to transform your deep unconscious fears, which is what is coming up in Scorpio to heal. What are you afraid of? What are you avoiding dealing with? What can you do to get in unstuck? Usually yoga and exercise are good to get things moving but be gentle on yourself as too much will increase the air element or vata and create more anxiety. Also just use the Nike slogan, “Just do it,” to get moving. Capricorns, Aquarians, Scorpios, Taurus and Leos are probably most affected by these transits. Go deep into your soul and do the transformational work and it will be very transformation.

Our services at appliedvedicastrology may be helpful for transformation and we are developing some smaller package programs for transformational astrological counseling programs to help move you through and help you understand your personal karmic astrology signatures and to get more involved in healing and transforming these patterns in a positive way. Write me at if you are interested and we will work on getting some new pages up on our website soon but the program already exists for our corporate clients.

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