Applied Vedic Astrology - Holding the Sun


Mars in the first 3 degrees of Sagittarius is a very difficult place where deep and ancient karmic issues come up to be healed and this is going on until Thursday, Sept. 22nd. Part of the problem is that Mars has been rather mellow and at home in Scorpio in a water sign and even through Saturn was disturbing him, he was still at home and able to cope with it. In Sag., he is connected to Ketu now which brings up bubbling anger from the past which wants to be released and if is not, it explodes. Fire is connected to the warrior and to action. This change from water to fire is a big adjustment and it needs to be channeled into dynamic action or exercise otherwise it simmers and boils up and explodes. It will calm down after Thursday and be a bit more balanced but will still be on edge until Oct. 8th.
Mercury will go direct on Thursday morning and that will help eliminate some of the frustrations that make Mars explode. Should be able to move forward much better after Friday. Still Jupiter is also getting burned up by the Sun’s fire with the combustion and conjunction with peaks into Monday. Use the fire in service to transform humanity and do something active to channel all the fire into positive action and become a spiritual warrior.
From an Ayurvedic point of you, stay away from hot spicy foods and drink coconut water and milk to calm pitta. Bananas and milk with their kalpha influence can also calm pitta. Good week to ligthen up this week as we move into Autumnal rebalancing with the fall equinox on Thursday.
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