The explosions in New York and new terrorism unfortunately remind us of the dark side of Mars in Mula Nakshatra. The US is a Sagittarius rising country and this transit is stirring up violence in America. We had mentioned below that 9/11 had occurred with Mars and Ketu in this part of the zodiac. We are not expecting anything this dire but our hearts go out to our fellow New Yorkers. The sad things is this transit goes on another 3 week but the worse part is until Thursday, Sept. 22nd.
On a personal level, the connection between Mars and Ketu means that you cannot let anger be repressed or it will explode in a verbal or physical attack. Exercise is a good way to work of this energy but also just let it out by screaming in your empty house. Continue to be 100% focused when doing physical activity and driving as unexpressed anger can rear its ugly head. We have seen too many reports of accidents and injuries already. Stay alert, let the energy out and use to help others in need. You can re-read our blog and Mars squaring Ketu form a few weeks back. The warrior pose in yoga is a good balance pose for activating the third eye nakshatra and alertness in activity.
Warrior pose
For Aries rising and Scorpio rising, you will be most affected by this transit and it can increase intuition and for Aries rising, it can increase spirituality and a desire to go inward and withdraw from the world. If you do not have the luxury for long meditation courses or being a recluse, then you will have to get your active button in gear. So enjoy Ketu and Mula.
Repeating our previous blog:
After months in Scorpio/Libra because of the retrograde this year, Mars is finally moving into Jupiter’s sign on Sept. 18th and into the star called Mula. Mula consists of nine stars at the end of Scorpio and is the place of the center of the galaxy which Western Astrologers are fond of calling the Galactic Center as that wonderful part of the sky that looks like a white river in the night sky.
Mula means “root” or “the center” and people who have a sun, moon or ascendent lord in this constellation are very direct and do not like to beat around the bush. This is the core of the galaxy and it is ruled by Ketu who wants to get to the core of everything: hidden motives, events, core roots. Ketu is connected to past lives and Mula wants to tie up all the talents from one’s past lives and bring them together. It seeks deeply for the truth of existence.
The diety of Mula is Nritti, the Goddess of calamity and yet she resides in the lucky sign of Sagittarius which mythical means she may destroy ignorance to reveal deep truths. Ironically, Nritti is connected to the peak of material achievement and yet the nature of this nakshatra is very spiritual in her quest to go beyond the domain of ego and self-centeredness. Will be interested to see if our politicians change with this transit. This star can give power and influence and great material accomplishment and can confer magical powers but often it releases its energy in an explosive manner–which is so true of Ketu. The 9/11 disaster occurred during the Ketu/Mars conjunction in this constellation. Hence it has a dreadful nature in bringing out the most explosive and darkest side of Ketu which means blowing up the material can point and force one to the spiritual. Adolf Hitler had Jupiter conjunct Ketu in this nakshatra without any balancing influence from Saturn and he was the embodiment of destruction. Lets hope the terrorists are not emboldened in their quest during this transit but this was exactly what happened during 9/11.
Mula combines the energy of Jupiter and Ketu and hence it initiates spiritual transformations for the better. With Jupiter’s grace it can confer magical powers to help those in need with Grace.
Mars is favorable placed in Sagittarius and this can lead to jumping on opportunities, expanded knowledge, wealth, leadership, and becoming a spiritual warrior for charitable causes. Mars will be unafflicted here but later in the transit by mid-October it will get an aspect from Rahu and bring out the darker qualities in working to hard to succeed, hurting others feelings, manipulation and rabble rousing.
The first part of the transit of Mars in Mula can make one unsure and indecisive at first Sept. 18-22nd and this can lead to self-doubt and lack of courage. After Sept. 22nd, when Mars gets out of the gandanta area (literally meaning drowning), it will be stronger. The highest aspect of this transit is moving into ones spiritual warrior energy and doing service for humanity without ego. It can foster pride and strength and speaking the truth. There some dangers from fire or electricity or surgery if you are running a Mars/Ketu or Ketu/Mars cycle and your ascendent is Taurus rising or Capricorn rising.
Still the transit will foster courage and boldnesss in politics and it might benefit Trump more than Hillary. More truth will come out.
Oct. 8-26th, Mars transits into Purva Ashada nakshatra and will be more connected with Venus and we will talk about this transit in a few weeks. ( Special thanks to Prash Trivedi, Ken Johnson and Komilla Sutton for their insight on this nakshatra.)

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