ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER FORECAST: SEPT. 18-26TH : Getting lighter–whew!


So you made it through the lunar eclipse and Venus at the worse point of the year and Mars in the Scorpion’s tail so everything has to get better. And the answer is yes!
Venus moves into Libra, her own sign, Sept. 18-Oct. 12th now creating a Malavya yoga and creating the highest qualities of Venus: elegance, artistic creation, intuitive and full feelings, passion, wealth and comfort, beauty, luxury and connection to spiritual and humanitarian action and charity. Libra rising will feel this most but most of the signs will feel this great with maybe the exception of Scorpio and Pisces since it is a 12th and 8th house transit. Time to get out and relate again and go shopping! Venus expands price and business also so this should pick up after the challenges in Virgo.
Mars moves into Sagittarius also on Sept. 18th but stays in the “drowning” section called the gandata until Sept. 22nd and it will be much freer to move forward. We have written about Mars in Mula Nakshatra already and this transit.
Mercury goes direct on Sept. 22nd at 1 am Eastern time so time to get moving again. Mercury retrograde gets a lot of bad press but it is not bad for everyone and its impact depends on the sign it is going retrograde in and what house is being affected. Cancer and Scorpio and Pisces and Aries rising signs have the most trouble with this transit as Mercury governs the 8th, 12th and 7th and 6th houses by nature and is more malefic by nature. Virgos and Geminis actually are strengthened by the transit but not as much for Virgo this time as it is a 12th house transit in Leo.
The Autumnal Equinox is Sept. 22nd as we begin the first day of fall. The planetary energies get a bit out of balance around the equinox and there can be a tendency for workaholic activity and then one can get burned out and sick. Go easy this week. Get more rest and get your meditation in. Cultures around the world celebrate this time and they have know the importance of staying in balance when the planet is rebalancing.
Sun conjunct Jupiter on Sept. 26th culminates in the Jupiter combustion and is hard for Pisces rising most. Jupiter governs the liver which has 750 functions in the body and if it is weak in your natal chart, it may burn out in transit and cause digestive problems. Go with a simpler diet and avoid less hard to digest foods like cheese and heavy oily foods. Good to rest the liver and do a liver cleanse as we move into the fall. Leos will find this Jupiter transit wonderful as it enhances optimism and confidence and leadership but Jupiter will feel burned out and even though Sag. Rising may have a spiritual experience, they may feel tired.
Finally, the next two weeks from Sept. 16-30th is a time to honor your ancestors in the Vedic calendar. We have written about this already but good time to pull out pictures of the departed and honor them and there are special ceremonies you can do.
Have a good week! Things are getting better.

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