Jupiter into Constellation Corvi: Fun and Games for the Fall.
Jupiter moves into Hasta nakshatra on Sept. 29th for a few months. Each sign of the zodiac has 3 sections of fixed stars call Nakshatras and the ancients paid more attention to these transits then to the more artificial divisions of the 12 signs. Hasta in Sanskrit means “the hand” but has an alternative translation which means to laugh. Hasta is connected to palmistry and to professions where ones using ones hands like masseurs and handymen do. The hands also are symbolic of the outstretched hands reaching for the Sun’s rays, which embody the god who gives life and starts the day’s activity. This constellation is connected to Savitar, a playful diety of tricks and amusements and games and sports and hence the combination in Virgo with the Sun brings out its Mercurial or Hermes like nature of being the trickster. On the dark side of this constellation, people with their sun or moon or ascendent here may be fond of gambling and fraud and manipulation depending on afflictions here. This energy might come out if you had Mars in this constellation in your natal chart and it might get triggered by transit. Another symbol for Hasta is the clenched fist representing the dark side of greed and ambition and not letting go of things embodying the fixed or stuck side of Virgo, an earth sign. It also is connected with the wheel of time and obsession with punctuality and clocks which we often connect to Virgos and a Virgo country like Switzerland.
Hasta constellation is located between 10-23.20 Virgo and in modern astronomy is connected with the constellation known as Corvi or the 5 stars representing a hand. It is connected more to the Vata or air element as its strong connection to the Mercurial side of quick and light humor. It is of course connected with fields and gardens and arts and crafts, stock exchanges and even amusement parks so Jupiter’s transit here will benefit those kind of places. Its transit over the next 2 months will support fun and hobbies and arts and crafts, gardening, astrology, hand-skills, working with children and hence it is a great time for supporting leisure and fun.
Hasta is ruled by the Moon and also Mercury because of the connection to Virgo. This is one of my favorite constellations as it promotes sensitive caring and nurturing and home and family life. Mercury brings out the jovial and light-hearted energy of the moon and Jupiter’s transit through it will promote those wonderful qualities.
Since Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and Hasta is connected to the moon, this transit is a happy one for Jupiter but somewhat restricted by its enemy Mercury which is why Jupiter in Virgo is considered to be in an enemy’s sign. People born with Jupiter in Hasta may use their wisdom and their words to manipulate people and influence others. Given the winding down of the political season, it would seem this transit will help the candidates con the people even more. Since this constellation is controlled by the moon, its daily transits through signs will create more ups and downs connected to the moon’s daily transits. Still Jupiter and the moon are friends and the association is a good one and promotes spirituality.
Jupiter benefits the places it transits and brings out its positive nature. This fall transit will bring great joy to harvest and fall gardening and encourage us to have good times with friends. Good fall to get together game nights with friends, play charades or do comedy improv, start a pottery or arts class, give a friend a massage or study speculation and investment. Jupiter is unafflicted by the other planets so its very positive side will come out and I think this is a time to laugh and enjoy the fall. Jupiter will retrograde back here April 9-August 4 2017 next year so you will get a 2nd chance or rerun if you miss the fall fun. So enjoy Hasta which is a bright spot to end the difficult summer. For readings or personal insights, visit our website and request a session. Special thanks to Prash Trivedi and Komilla Sutton for their insights into this constellation.

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