A penumbra lunar eclipse is happening between about 11 am- 3 pm Central time at around 1 degree Pisces. Eclipses can be auspicious for meditation and spiritual experiences but outwardly the emotions can be all over the place with crazy thoughts. Friday’s is particularly challenging because Venus is at the exact degree of debilitation for the year on a Friday, her day, so relationship energy is the lowest point of the year. Mars is at the end of the sign of Scorpio where it can lead to emotional churnings and angry flare ups and if energy is not released it can lead to accidents or fires depending on the larger cycle you are running. This is a good day to rest, stay at home, do lots of yoga and meditation and not plan any important meetings or outings. It will pass quickly but the energy is intense. I use these eclipse days for cleaning and doing laundry and long meditations. Good to fast a few hours before an eclipse because fire in the belly may be put out. I often find these days very powerful and transformational but you have to go with the flow and realize that most of the nonsense going through one’s mind and emotions is garbage. Do not buy into any of it for major trash removal day. Eckhart Tolle is fond of telling us that that 98% of the stuff going through our heads is rubbish. On eclipse days it is more. Relax, rejuvenate and avoid important decisions. God is with you in the storms and sometimes storms are very powerful and makes us stronger. So steer through the storm with God’s grace.

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