The passing of the Hurricane Matthew is metaphorically an end to an intense week with the Saturn square to Rahu (240 degrees/10th house) peaking on Oct. 9th and gradually they will shift apart by three degrees until they are less of an  intense influence after Halloween.  Still our advice on fall/vata weather and slowing it down and drinking hot liquids and eating hot foods is pertinent the rest of the month but it will gradually get better.

Mars went into the constellation of Purvashadha (13.20-26.40 Sagitarius today) until Oct. 26th which is symbolic of a fan and is connected to the planet Venus and deserves a whole article coming later. For now, exiting the dreadful Mula nakshatra is a welcome relief for the planet also and should lighten up world tensions a bit. Mars is still connected to Jupiter by sign and this remains a welcome time for starting new ventures, moving through your challenges, and action to create  positive philanthropic activity through service work to bring out the highest quality of this constellation rather.

Venus is still happy this week in the final stages of Libra connected to Jupiter still through the constellation of Vishakha but gets a bit weaker Oct. 13-14th as it changes signs into Scorpio on Oct. 13th and it will feel the loss of being home in Libra as it moves into an enemies sign.  With Venus in Mars’ sign of Scorpio and Mars in Venus’s constellation, there is a strong connection between the two which increases passion and action in the arts with dance being the perfect activity at its best and clashes with the sexes being the darker side. This can create good vitality, charisma, passion for sports and romance on the positive side which is favored when Jupiter is still involved or rebellion against partners, excessive emotion, deceptive niceness and heated relationship debates as Venus gets closer to Saturn in Scorpio and enters Saturn’s constellation after Oct. 17th. So this week is a great week to get out a sing and express your artistic creativity and passion and sexuality but not it may turn a bit rockier the following few weeks.

Mercury is conjunct Jupiter again in Virgo where its prowess in writing and communication and precision continues and we are blessed to have Mercury so strong until Oct. 23rd when it leaves Virgo.  Still we have a planetary war on Tuesday, Oct. 11th with Jupiter and this particularly difficult for Virgos, Geminis, Sag. and Pisces as those two are bitter enemies for those signs and it can create major relationship clashes between idealism and perfectionism between Pisces/Virgo and the opposition of the intellect and belief and faith inspired by Gemini/Sagittarius.  Life is filled with a co-existence of opposites and so remember there is room for both sides and accept opposing points of view rather than to get into an argument.

Sun moves out of Virgo Oct. 16th into Libra and it is the transition between signs that is difficult Oct 16-17th and then suddenly going into its fallen sign where confidence and self-esteem are lower but we do not have worry about that for week so for now enjoy the Sun. It is moving into the constellation of Chitra Oct. 10-26th where it will channel its friend’s Mars energy and this will support courage and leadership for positive humanitarian energies so good time to get involved in volunteering for charity work or service.  Sun is less happy in Chitra and Leos in particular have to learn how to lessen their fiery nature and  may lessen confidence but teaches us to interact better with others and pull our ego in so we can relate. This will be particularly true the week of Oct. 17-20th as the Sun moves into Libra.

Rahu trines Mars (120 degrees/5 houses) exactly into Oct 15th but the orb of influence is Oct. 12-19th. This aspect can lead to a testing of outer courage contrasted against inner fear. It might particularly push sexual prowess energies for Sag. rising but it can lead to impetuous/adventurism and can lead to accidents if you are not careful–particularly around Saturday, Oct. 15th if you are not alert and aware with the Uranus opposition to the Sun (see below). I find that this aspect can lead to angry flare ups so no fighting with your partner so pull over if this develops while driving in the car.  Like all anger, do not let it bottle up but find a constructive way to let it out with exercise or dance (good with Venus this week) or just screaming when you are alone in car.  It is a problem when it is unexpressed.  Look at children. They let it out, get angry for 5 minutes and then go back to normal.  We can do this also.  Let it out and come back to center.

Finally, the Sun moves into opposition with Uranus into Saturday, Oct. 15th may stir up surprising events or relationships or restlessness or impatience with people and this could explode into anger or accidents if you do not find a way to express what your feeling.  Opposition between Pisces/Virgo may stir up fights around idealism vs. perfectionism so like the Mercury/Jupiter war earlier in the week, be patient in accepting others point of view.

So enjoy a less stormy week as the clouds part as this one of the better weeks of the fall  with Mercury and Venus and the Sun all strong, Mars happier and Jupiter fairly well-off and at least the intensity of Saturn/Rahu will slowly start to lift.

So if you need more help with your personal transits and cycles and transformation astrological work, hit the request form and sign up for a reading. Remember to use the light of Jyotish and astrology to lift the veils of ignorance and the mistake of the intellect stuck on some thought or feeling that is just passing astral shrapnel going through the cosmic mind. You are much bigger than that.  (written Oct. 9th)


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