While world politics are likely to be a mess still, things are turning a bit lighter this week.

Sun goes into Jupiter’s constellation of Visakha on Sunday, Nov 6th and is particularly strong in transit the first three day and this will bring more leadership, confidence and lift the deep depression of the last few weeks.  Leaders in government will make better decisions and there will be a bit more upliftment in the health and vitality arena also.  This transit continues into Nov 19th and we wrote about it earlier in the week in more detail.

Venus moves into the sign of Sagittarius on Monday, Nov. 7th and it stays there until Dec. 1st.  This will also bring a little lift and take Venus out of an enemies sign and the depressing connection with Saturn. The next few days Nov. 5-8th, Venus is changing signs and in transition and in the Gandata, literally meaning drowning and it is a vulnerable area. Still, Venus does the best of any planet in the last 3 degrees of Scorpio because it is exalted in the Navamsha (or hidden inner quality).   The next 3 days when  it is in the early stages of Sag are more difficult as the Venus is in the more challenging constellation of Mula owned by Ketu and there can be some detachment from the material and a bit of a depressed self-destructive quality. With the Kala Sarpa Yoga still going on with all the planets hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu, the connection with Mula nakshatra through Nov 17th may be a bit more challenging but picks up afterwards when Venus goes into her own constellation.  This transit may create a new dawn for new relationships or new relationships with teachers, coaches and Gurus but there may be deep painful lessons around them.

Venus is not particularly happy in Sagittarius this round because it gets hemmed in between Mars and Capricorn and Saturn in Scropio and that may take away some of its peace and make Libra and Taurus rising even more edgy–as if that has not been the case the past month with Saturn.

Venus in Sagittarius, particularly if you were born with this position creates expansion in love, visionary and artistic qualities, romance, positivity, love of adventure, loyalty in love. It can also lead to more spending and shopping so go a bit easier as we move into the holiday season.  The earlier part of the transit with the connection with Ketu in Mula  may bring out the darker qualities of speaking too frankly, being careless with investments, missing obvious opportunities or overeating and increasing fat. So if you feel more emotional the first few weeks of the transit through Nov. 17th, keep your energy and yoga up and be disciplined about diet and good habits.  Libra and Taurus rising signs will be more impacted by this transit and they are 3rd and 8th house transits and may be fraught with more growth and karmic opportunities for transformation.

Mercury moves into Scorpio on election day on Nov. 8th and stay there into Nov. 28th and will move toward conjunction with Saturn into Nov. 23d. This is an enemy’s sign but it can have its positive implications.  If you were born with Mercury in Scorpio, you are good at strategic planning and witty if the planet is well aspected. In transit now, the darker side of Mercury will come out as it moves toward Saturn as the tendency can be to lose sight of the big picture, get obsessive or too detailed, feel stuck, distracted or depressed and have a slower working mind.  Still this may be more of a problem later in the month and Mercury in the constellation of Anuradha can bring out its spiritual qualities.

We are still moving toward the exact conjuction of Ketu and Neptune (true node ) into Nov. 17th and still the Kala Sarpa yoga is running into Nov. 9th ( see previous posts) so there is still this nightmare/bad dream quality in the world going on but we will get a reprieve from it when Moon goes into Pisces Nov 10th.

So still some heaviness at the beginning of the week but it will gradually lift and there are some positives happening after a very difficult couple of weeks. We do not see the situation for the US lifting and the scandals and the problems will intensify into Nov. 18th. We are hoping for a quick resolution but crisis in government will continue at least into Dec. 15th if not until Christmas.

Have a great week, stay disciplined and avoid escaping through bad habits and help others by donating to your favorite charities and be grateful for what is good in your life and there is so much.  For more insights into your cycles and transits or help with transformative  astrological counseling, sign up on the request form.

Have a great week and be kind to others no matter what their political opinions.  Are we more into being right and supporting our belief system or accepting the diversity of the world and being at peace?   Politics and corruption have gone on for time immemorial. Help others and let the politicians work out their karma–and hopefully not destroy us in the process.


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