Earlier in the week we wrote about the connection between Mars in Capricorn, its sign of exaltation and Saturn in Scorpio a sign owned by Mars.  This exchange of signs know as mutual reception or Parivartana Yoga and it will affect different rising signs differently.  As we pointed out, if you have this in your natal birth chart, the impact will be stronger in transit.  Komilla Sutton fleshed out all of the sign in more detail. We would add that if are running a Mars/Saturn or Saturn/Mars period or a 1st, 2nd or 3rd tier level, you may feel the impact more of if you were born in the fall of 1986 or 1956 when we last saw this happening, they could trigger a larger event in your life.  Overall we had highlighted that the connection does strengthen the good qualities of the planet bring more courage to Mars and more steadiness to Saturn. Still the impact on your outer world will vary. The exchange will continue after Dec. 11th and into Jan. 19th with other houses and we will have relist the impact then.   Here is a list by Komilla by sign:

From November 1, Mars gets exalted in Capricorn, the sign owned by Saturn and Saturn remains in Scorpio owned by Mars.


1 November to 11 December – Mars goes into Capricorn where he is exalted and creating Ruchaka Mahapurusha yoga for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn ascendant. This adds strength and power to these signs.

But it is also involved in another interaction by being under the influence of Saturn. Mars gets exalted in Capricorn, the sign owned by Saturn and Saturn remains in Scorpio. They are in Parivartana Yoga or mutual reception.

This can be very positive for some ascendants while bringing transformations for others.

Always with any Mars Saturn combinations we must tread with cautious, pack a lot of patience and take time to decide on important matters. Both being malefic, even their blessings tend to come with some conditions – yet when they do decide to be benevolent – no one can surpass them.

Three Parivartana Yogas are happening by transit depending on your ascendant… Parivartana yogas are formed when the planets exchange house rulership.

Mars and Saturn are forming this Yoga as they rule each other’s signs. There are three types of these Yogas – Dainya (poverty), Khala (negative) or Maha (great).

The experience for each ascendant of this transit is given below:

Aries – Aries is experiencing the strength of the Ruchaka Maha purusha yoga. Plus Saturn is in their 8th house and Mars in the 10th – this is a transit Dainya Parivartana Yoga. Dainya means poverty; it can give unexpected change professionally bringing turbulence. Focus on your own strength and try to ignore the interference from others.

Taurus – Saturn is in their 7th house and Mars in the 9th – Transit Maha Parivartana Yoga when 7th and 9th lords are connecting bringing blessings and good news.

Gemini – Saturn is in their 6th house and Mars in the 8th. There are two yogas operating. One is the Vipireeta Raja Yoga and the other is Dainya Parivartana Yoga. Vipireeta Raja Yoga brings success through adversity – makes you face challenges and come out successful. Whereas is Dainya Parivartana Yoga could give unsettled situation which are demanding – a month to tread carefully and avoid making changes impulsively.

Cancer – experience the Ruchaka Mahapurusha yoga and get support from their partners and success in career issues too. Saturn is in their 5th house and Mars in the 7th house creates Maha Parivartana Yoga creates opportunities – good news from children and spouse too.

Leo – Saturn is in their 4th house and Mars in the 6th house creates Khala Parivartana Yoga. Difficulties at home and take care of any breakdowns as they happen. 4th house is also connected to transport – you may find problems regarding your car.

Virgo – Saturn is in their 3th house and Mars in the 5th house creates Khala Parivartana Yoga. There can be blocks to your creativity. Handle children with care as they may be a handful.

Libra – experience the Ruchaka Mahapurusha yoga and Maha Parivartana Yoga connected to the 4th house of home and property. There can be prospects to profit from real estate.

Scorpio – Saturn is in their 1st house and Mars in the 3rd house creates Khala Parivartana Yoga. Scorpio has been dealing with the pressures of Saturn in their ascendant for a while and this is not a time to take impulsive decisions that can have far reaching consequences. Patience is their key word.

Sagittarius – Saturn is in their 12th house and Mars in the 2th house creates Khala Parivartana Yoga. Money pressures – very important to be very careful in dealing with any financial transactions and there is potential for loss.

Capricorn – experience the Ruchaka Mahapurusha yoga in the ascendant – feel very energised to take action. This positive energy is added to by Saturn is in their 11th house and Mars in the 1st house creates Maha Parivartana Yoga and gives profitable openings.

Aquarius – Saturn is in their 10th house and Mars in the 12th house creates Khala Parivartana Yoga and this can create problem with your career. You may decide to walk away from your work or feel you are not being compensated enough from it. It is best to put in the effort as you will be rewarded by it.

Pisces – Saturn is in their 9th house and Mars in the 11th house creates Maha Parivartana Yoga creating good luck with earnings and finances. Good time to think of ideas of upping the earning potential.

Heartfelt Gratitude to Komilla Sutton for this article posted on her website

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