We write about stuff months ahead of time but then it does not seems not relevant to people’s experience right away and we have to revisit it.  Now  there is a this sense of dread and a kind of nightmare that you cannot wake up from.  We talked about the Kala Sarpa Yoga that has all the planets hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu and it happens every 2 weeks until Christmas when the moon is between Leo and Aquarius and the moon does not get past Ketu until after Nov. 9th.  That is creating a bit of a nightmare quality.

We are revisiting the Ketu/Neptune conjunction which peaks into Nov. 16-17th and then intensifies as Neptune goes stationary direct on Nov. 19th.   The last time we had Ketu/Neptune it was in Capricorn around Jan. 15, 2000 just after we thought the world was going to end with the Y2K scare.   I was reflecting about the last Ketu/Neptune conjunction  because I am starting to read false flag fear that the administration will save themselves by creating an event to take people away from the current drama.  Illusion or reality? .

Ketu and Neptune are hard at work spinning their smoke and mirrors. My friend Juliana Swanson talked about it last month in her blog:

“The dynamics of Neptune and Ketu conjoining in Aquarius can be seen in large democratic or humanitarian societal movements which seek to alleviate social injustice, like what is mentioned above and also in the Black Lives Matter movement. Yet, without a firm peaceful foundation aligned with higher principles, movements like this tend to backfire and become ineffective and dangerous. These planetary energies can be quite unconscious, eliciting violent, confusing, incoherent, and disintegrating shadow forces. They can also represent sudden transformational events; whatever is unsustainable will be dissipated under their watch.

The election has also been fraught with deceit and scandal, as we saw with the recent WikiLeaks DNC exposé  and later firing of various higher-ups for favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. This is in addition to the allegations circulating about Donald Trump in major conflict with the Republican Party, and allegations that Hillary Clinton is in poor health but hiding the fact; and there is the scandal of her emails-emails-emails, and of course the Clinton Foundation has also come under suspicion of fraud.

Shatabisha nakshatra is known for secrecy, and it governs media in all its forms, including the Internet. The dynamics of this Shatabisha transit reflect in the growing power of Wikileaks, an organization created by journalist Julian Assange in 2006, which releases secret information, classified media from anonymous sources as well as news leaks exposing government and corporate corruption.

Given the confusion of this transit, it is hard to know what it true most of the time, as the mainstream media has become more unreliable than ever, and conspiracy theories abound and are fed even further by Wikileaks and other hackers. We have lost some significant ability to trust what the mainstream media is feeding us in the way of information.” (see Astral Harmony for full article)

We are in the middle of a spinning tornado of lies and deception. The truth is out there but who will report it?  The news media has been owned and been supporting Hillary as proven by Wikileaks emails from John Podesta.  The internet is filled with rumors from people trying to influence their friends. And we remain waiting for the FBI and Comey who seem to want the truth and justice but the political pressure are enormous.  There is a sense that what will come out will be bigger than Watergate and will be one of the biggest scandals in history but when will it happen?   We are getting amazing emails with all kinds of wild stories.  We hope that somehow, someone is not above the law and that truth will prevail and that the NYPD and the FBI will rise above the turmoil and deliver us. Neptune going stationary on Nov. 19th should promise to reveal the truth and Saturn is aspecting it own sign of Capricorn and the Martian warrior in Capricorn  and that should support the law and extra courage to bring us out the truth.   Still I fear that people in power and the puppets of the Shadow Govenment  do not let go easily and the whole scandal around “Pay for Play” and the ties into US invasions into Libra and Iraq and Syria are just beyond comprehension. Someday, Oliver Stone will make a movie about this but for now we are in the middle of it and it is far from over.

We have sensed that it will not have some kind of climax until Christmas when the Kala Sarpa yoga ends which we discussed is like a bad dream that you cannot wake up out of.  The Mars/Ketu conjunction into the day after Christmas is a signature for terrorism and we hope that no false flag event happens to traumatize us more.

Markets are oversold and biting their nails and we are with them.   We sense that the nature of electronic voting and history of vote rigging (see Bev Allen’s award winning documentary from HBO, “Hacking Democracy” on you tube) will not create any definitive end to the farce but Wall Street may have an oversold bounce if we are correct about an apparent Hillary win on Tuesday.  Stay tuned.   The chances for voter challenges and all kinds of drama is likely to continue even if we get a bit of a sigh of relief after the election.

We are for neither candidate. We still think that Hillary could win the election and be forced to resign before inauguration.   We are more concerned that what is happening is much bigger than Watergate. We continue to be shocked by the Neptunian denial of people who continue to watch CNN showing rallies of Hillary in Florida with all kinds of happy supportive people.  We do not like Trump either and do not want to be part of a race to the bottom or vote for the lesser of two evils.  We demand truth and freedom from corruption.  Perhaps we are too naive. Even if 1/10 of the Wikileaks were accurate, Clinton’s carelessness in handling state secrets disqualifies her from holding such and office.

We encourage you to write your cable channels and cancel your subscriptions over the amazing media fraud that has been perpetuated and boycott their sponsor’s products.  I became aware of this 16 year ago when about 6-7 conglomerates suddenly owned all the media in the US and most of you did not notice that we were slowly being brainwashed and deluded.  Thank God we have the internet for now but some postulate it could get taken out “conveniently.” by Russia to destroy us.  (Doubt it is Russia)

The peace of the modern world is at sake. The military industrial complex wants the US to continue its mad spending ways and continue to create wars that kill millions of innocent people and engage Russia.   Do your research on the truth of Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya.   Why has the Hague convened a trial for Bush/Cheney for crimes against humanity?   I have friends working in refugee camps and it is heart-breaking to hear their stories.  Search for the truth. You will not find it on ABC, CNN or NBC or CBS or even the New York Times which is implicated in collusion today.  Is there not something wrong about cheating and handing Hillary questions ahead of time by CNN’s Donna Brazile?

The truth is out there. Stay rested. Help people in need and pray that larger Divine forces will prevail to create a better world–even if it may take until 2023.   Stay informed and please no attacks. I am for truth and moving beyond corruption.  It is not about who wins or who is better. We are so much beyond that and if you do not see corporate and oligarchical coronations happening, you need to do some research.  Wake up people. This is really serious.

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