Mercury moves into the constellation of Vishakha today on Nov. 2nd which is known in modern astronomy as Alpha-Librae and Geta-Librae and Gamma Librae located at 20 degrees Libra to 3.20 Scorpio.   It stays there until Nov. 11th.

The Sun goes into that constellation, Nov. 6-19th.

Vishakha means, two-branched or poisoned vessel which reminds us of that classic Danny Kaye movie, The Court Jester, where the witch reminds Danny that the pestle with the vessel has the brew that is true but the other one has the poison it.   In any case the alternative name is Radha which means “the delightful one,” the love of Krishna. The constellation has a lot to do with marriage and decorated arches and the challenges that come with marriage.  People born with this constellation have excessive goal-orientation and can sometimes miss the deeper meaning of life.   Unwholesome goals get pursued in a questionable way leading to bad karma.  Hillary Clinton has her Mercury and Venus in this constellation and have to think that maybe some of this scandal and poor judgment is just coming out of excessive ambition.  The numerology of this star is 16 which is a number of tragedy, ruin and turmoil and this can be a result of excessive ambition.  Given two transits through this star into the election and beyond, we wonder if the foreboding news and scandals will fructify.

Indra (king of the gods) and Agni (the fire god) rule this constellation.   Indra gives this constellation a strong desire for dominion and pleasure and Agni gives the constellation strong energy, courage and determination  and hard work to pursue its efforts.

The key energy of this constellation is fixation  and single-mindedness so it is a great transit for getting things done and given Mars’s energy also in Capricorn now, you can take on larger projects and get them completed.   And yet this constellation fosters dissatisfaction even after completion and if we do achieve we are in doubt about why we did it and what it means.

Jupiter the ruling planet of the star, is connected through Indra and brings good fortune to complete ones goals.   Because Jupiter is an enemy of Venus and this star is mostly in Libra, it can lead to excessive spending or indulgences.

The connection of Jupiter and Mercury through transit should finally promote more truth in speech. This transit is good for exploring new intellectual realms but with the stronger energy of the constellation it can bring out strong sexual and material desires. At best it will promote spiritual curiosity and reconnect to the strong transit of Jupiter in Mercury’s sign of Virgo.

The Sun goes into this constellation on Nov. 6th and it will be a breath of fresh air after suffering in Swati and its place of debilitation.   Material desires will increase, optimism and confidence will be boosted and there will be some movement toward material achievement. After the last few depressing weeks, the Jupiter energy will bring more refreshment an spiritual awakening and movement toward truth.  ( Special thanks to Prash Trivedi for his insights into this constellation. )

So two better transits coming and they will promote more energy for material achievement so use them to move toward your goals and remember to help others along the way.  For more insights into your chart or help with this difficult month, request a reading above or click on the request link below:

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