Before the election we thought that Hillary would win because we had thought that the planets had suggested political unrest after the election and we had assumed that it would be Trump supporters protesting.

As we mentioned before the election, we do not think it will go away quickly.   The US is in a Rahu/Rahu/Saturn period until Feb 6, 2017 which has a lot of intense anxiety and paranoia energy.  The transits have the Sun and Mercury transiting through the US 12th house until Nov. 29th and Dec. 16th which suggests loss and change and frustration and poor communication.  Transiting Pluto opposes the US natal Sun  on Christmas day at 22.38 Sagittarius.  In January,Trump’s late Scorpio planets get hit with Saturn transiting over his natal Ketu (South Node) at 27 Scorpio and his natal Moon at 28 Scorpio into the inauguration when a million women are planning to protest in Washington, D.C.  This unrest is not going to go away.

The fear energy will intensify as Saturn becomes combust Nov. 23-Dec. 28th and intensifies into conjunction in transit Dec. 10th.  This energy tends to bring about rebellion toward government and increases fear so you will have to stay calm and do things to support steadiness in the ad mists \ fear.  We will write an article about this later this week.

It seems that it will intensify with Mars conjunct Ketu (south Node) into Dec. 26th and that tends to bring up and unleash seething anger and violence from Dec. 23rd- Dec. 31st.  We have to hope that the Christmas holiday and a cold winter will calm things down.  Best hope will be Venus, the planet of peace, going into its exalted sign of Pisces for an unusually long period fro Jan. 28-May 30th.  Mars getting out of the activist sign of Aquarius happens at the inauguration on Jan. 20th and the inauguration chart suggests a good presidency.

We have noted that Trump started a Jupiter Maha Dasha period on Nov. 14th, 2016 for 16 years with Jupiter stationary and strong in the 2nd house in his natal chart and we are hoping that more wisdom and justice and good judgement will replace the Rahu energy that has run his life the last 18 years.

Still, it is part of the Kala Sarpa Yoga nightmare that is not over until after Christmas with all the planet hemmed in between Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Aquarius. It the intense energy has just gotten rather amplified and the paranoia has gotten exaggerated out of control.

What has come out out with the Neptune station square to Mercury on Nov. 19,  is an awareness of “false news” stories which is now a euphemism for “conspiracy theories” as 50% of the population believes in these conspiracies.  Wikileaks showed us the collusion between the media and CNN and the New York times and at least the New York times is back-tracking and telling its subscribers that it will be more unbiased in the future and that only after they lost 18.6% of their advertising revenue.  Facebook is wanted to censor false news sites and everyone is wondering what is true in the news.   I am actively looking to replace my ridiculously expensive  Cable package with streaming choice channels and new outlets are popping up.

My hope remains that Trump will not be as bad as expected and that the courts will uphold the constitution and protect the rights of all and that the Democrat minority will fillibuster when needed.  Still it is a mess and not the America that we know.  The US Rahu period is 18 years long and so change and transformation is inevitable particularly as we move into 2020 with Jupiter conjunct Saturn conjunct Pluto conjunct Plato.   The world is changing.


There are always two sides to everything.  The polarization that is happening in the US is frightening.  S

Do your meditation, be kind to others.  We support the right  to protest and it is very American but do it peacefully and do not slur others on Facebook for having a different opinions. Lets hope for something better but we now think it may be late January before it happens and hopefully Mother Nature will calm things down with some winter weather so cooler heads can prevail.

Use your energy to help those in need.  There are many organizations that are working to help veterans, the poor, the homeless and the out of work.   I suspect if the economy were really functioning as well as the “statistics” suggest and people had jobs then the situation would not be as dire.   There are a lot of people hurting with over 93 million out of work even if they do not show up in 5% unemployment stats. They are not counted when they do not file or cannot get unemployment again.   Yes, my formed liberal orientation is very fearful for a lot of losses coming, but the past 8 years of liberal progress has not solved many basic problems in the US.    I only hope that the wisdom of Jupiter takes over the craze that Rahu brought out in his campaign.

For now I think the US stock market will continue to rally into next year even if it has problems in December.  The world oligarchy  has build up a house of cards with trillions in debt around the world and it is a house of cards that will come crashing down in 2018-19.

We are probably in a parallel year like 1937-38 and we are moving toward more  serious changes. I suspect we have 1-2 more years to sort it out.  Still the stories fly and politics and politicians are doing their thing.  We continue to be naive to think that they have any interest in the people or those that elect them.  Our disappointment in this election should really be directed toward a larger system that does not work. Lets hope that Trump’s ban on politicians becoming lobbyists for 5 years after leaving office has a chance but given the way the world, works, we are skeptical.  I am hopeful, I am trying to stay neutral, but please, people at least be kind to others and your friends on Facebook.

The great spiritual teacher Adyashanti wrote a great piece that I posted on my personal page. Here is its closing paragraph:

“I cannot say exactly how to relate with those who are caught in their own conflict, except to say that if we seek to understand as our first impulse — and to respond from the wisest, most patient, and loving dimension of our being — we will at least be standing on a foundation of sanity and peace. And our actions, whatever they may be, will then be expressions of the highest consciousness that we have attained, and we will have taken responsibility for our own feelings and impulses, and made the wisest choices that we have access to.

If we are inspired to advocate for certain causes, we will do so out of love for those causes, rather than out of rage against the perceived “other.” Perhaps then we will become agents for sanity, peace, love, and the living of it in this confused world of ours”


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