Mars is getting ready to leave the exalted sign of Capricorn and move into Aquarius on Dec. 11th and the transition period Dec. 9-12th may leave us feeling more tired and without that extra energy and fire to go forth and conquer.  The Sun, another fire planet, is conjunct Saturn exactly on Dec. 10th and then in the watery zone call the Gandanta, Dec. 13-16th where it feels emotional vulnerable and subject to some karmic upheaval around status or leadership or health.   Weather forecasts for Sunday in the Midwest of the US are much colder than average with some places 35 degrees below normal and there is no exact this is happening around the Sun/Saturn conjunction.  Basically the fire is out and we are going to feel some fatigue and may need to nap more this weekend and not plan to much.  At least the full moon in Taurus into Dec. 13th will give us a lift out of this tired weekend.

You can combat fatigue by not over-scheduling, running around too much, sleeping in, doing more meditation and doing energizing exercise. The Yoga pose the frog (see below) is for Mars and will give the adrenals a push and give you that extra energy to get through those have to do tasks.   Stay on top of your keeping your immune system supported with products like Colostrom as the Sun which governs health is a bit compromised through Dec. 18th.   Be patient with frustration around bosses and co-workers and employees and problems with government officials. Much of the energy is peaking into Dec. 10-11th but will not lift more fully into after Dec.18th and Dec 28th.

The Sun represents our ego, identity, our self-worth and our status in the world.  Saturn is taking it down with the conjunction into Dec. 10-11th and then again with the transit through  the gandanta Scorpio 27-30, creating some karmic vulnerability around self-worth.  Learn to dismiss nagging thoughts over the next week about not being good enough or what will people think or people do not like me as it is all the play of the puppeteer.    You are love.  Keep your fire shining this weekend with exercise, building a fire in your fireplace and keep that sun shining. It is non-extinquishable even as we approach the shortest days of the year into the Winter Equinox on Dec. 21st.    The upward swing is coming soon and Christmas will reignite our spiritual flame for a new year.  Have a relaxing weekend and follow the example of our frog friend above.

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