At holiday gatherings and in conversing with folks yesterday, there is great worry and  confusion and a   bad taste in people’s mouths with a sense of dread.  We can blame this a bit on the Neptune/Ketu conjunction that peaked in Nov. and which is still going on and  has revealed fake media, the war on fake media but left us “dazed and confused.  While the year gave us the long-protracted Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio that left us angry and fearful, and we still have to deal with that until Jan. 19th  with the Mars/Saturn exchange of houses between Aquarius and Scorpio and there is more to the story coming.  What we fail to see is that the  the media has been stirring up a hornet’s nest and has been shaping our lives in a bad way for far too long.

Yesterday, on Christmas Day we had Venus trined by Jupiter amplifying our Christmas optimism and for a moment yesterday, I felt that all was wonderful in the world. The beauty of a Christmas mass was a deep reminder that power-hungry psychopaths  are not running the world, but that underlying it all, God is still running the show.  Do we want to spoil our belief in the innate beauty of deeper family connections and love and forget who we really are or get mired in the media’s story that the world is a terrible place where we should fear to go out of our houses because the “bogey men” terrorists are going to blow us up?   Yes there are really threats out there but what are you chances of dying that way and for those of you with a spiritual background, you know there is no such thing as death anyway.  I am always reminded of the movie Groundhog Day where do we make a choice to wake up and do good things in our community or indulge in self-pity and bad habits?

If you turn off your TV and refuse to engage in heated debates about the end of the world because of the results of  the election and go for a walk in the woods, you might remember that the power of nature is stronger than ranting of the media monguls.  Rejoice in the  beauty of nature even during this winter with its  chirping birds and  gentle rains and even might skies.  Look into the vastness of the night-time sky and you might remember the vastness and power of the almighty.


As Saturn moves into the end of Scorpio and then gets stuck in the time warp of early Sagittarius in the gandata  or transition zone (Scorpio 26.40-Sag. 3.2) until Nov 2017, I suspect our irrational fearful mind is going to go into warp speed.  We are going to have to make new choices.  Do we buy into our irrational fears that the politicians are going to destroy our world or do we help others and enjoy the beauty of loving and caring for each other?   Like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day, do we learn to discover our spirituality and express our artistic beauty by sculpting ice statues or do we cower in fear watching CNN rant about the latest terrorist.   We are here on this planet to discover deeper and more spiritual truths and become enlightened and awakened human beings not to become paralyzed in fear and confusion by a media that is owned by corporate obligarchy that  wants to control your mind or to become addicted to the feeds on our cell phone.

Don’t let the media fool you. The world is a wonderful place. There are good people doing good things to help humanity everyday.  Do not buy into the dread and confusion.  The mind tends to  amplify  the few bad things that happening in our world and make them seem like they are 100 times worse  than they are.

Our time on earth is short and precious and not to be spent cowering in our living room waiting for the Arab terrorists to blow us up  or for global warming fry us to a crisp.  Yes, these are real concerns and we owe a better world to our future family but do not lose the precious moments of “love” and sharing and artistic creation that  are part of the present moment.  The future will take care of itself.  I think back to 2008-10 when the economy was blowing up it was very difficult but somehow, I am still here and God is taking care of me and all my fears have led to a lot of wonderful missed moments.  I suspect whatever we fear going into 2019-20 as Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto and Ketu move toward conjunction in Sagittarius, that somehow, there is a plan to create a better world and we have nothing to fear.

Take this precious holiday time to hug a loved one, enjoy a wonderful cooked dish and see  beyond the doom and gloom. Yes, we have problems ahead but God has a plan, bigger and brighter than we can imagine.  I will leave you with some lines of a closing poem I wrote about Saturn:

The purple dragon  is guarding the gate.

His billowing flames

block the light —

and yet there are no flames.

Walk courageously through his mouth

into  cool waterfalls of laughter.


You are safe.

You are forever safe

in the loving play of the universe.

like the hummingbird floating from comet to comet

rejoicing in the infinite supply of nectar

and dancing on air.


Laugh at Saturn, the great magician.

Demand to look up his sleeves.

Jump off the cliff into

God’s arms

And relax softly into his Divine net.

–Barry Rosen




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