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EYE ON THE SKY: SUN IN SHARAVANA (Capricorn 10-23.20) JAN. 24-FEB. 6TH

Sun moved into the constellation of Shravna today located in Capricorn.  This constellation is ruled by the moon and if you know Capricorn’s born in this constellation they may seem to have tough exterior but are very soft and with big hearts on the inside.

Modern astronomers say this constellation consists of 3 stars,  Altair, Alshain and Tarazed and mythologically correspond to the three steps taken by Vishnu.  The translation of Shravana  is “hearing”  or ” the one who limps.” It is sometimes connected to the Pipal tree and the sacred tree where Buddha received enlightenment. This constellation is often connected to a trident or an ear and its symbol is to listen and if planets are strong in this constellation it means that one has to learn to be a good listener or to listen to one’s inner voice.  The constellation is connected to Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning, is considered to be the female deity associated with Shravana. The shakti is “the power to provide connection with others”.

Sun is strong in this constellation til Feb. 6th and it  supports spiritual pursuits so a good time to take a meditation class or go to a spiritual event at the temple or take a class. The first section of this constellation is particularly strong for the Sun where it is exalted through Jan. 27th and it supports the quest for the inner light and the truth.

Vishnu is the main  deity of this constellation and if you have the sun, moon or ascendent here it gives one strong organizational skills which are often associated with Capricorn.  It makes one clever with a strong ability to work through problems.     People born with this constellation tend to be peaceful and persevering even if sometimes stubborn but they like to complete their tasks.  They are gentle, kind, amicable and liberal-minded and reasonable. Its darker side can lead to naivete in falling prey to deception and bad advice.  People with this star may be too generous but it can lead to bigotry and extreme narrow-mindedness and given what is happening post the election, we have to watch these qualities over the next three weeks.  Still this  group of stars is a wonderful combination of business skills and at the same time a softness that puts people at ease.

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