The ancient Vedic astrologers were like modern DNA scientists. Every degree of the zodiac is coded with information and contains subtle information. There are 12 signs, 27 constellation and each constellation has 4 padas or sections of 3.20 and when the planets  shift in the sky, their  shadings change.  27 times 4 is the famous 108 number that many of you know.  In fact there are 60 dieties or laws of nature in every sign of the zodiac so every 1/2 degree shift contains new information and codes us at birth. Tonight on March 15th there are 2 subtle shifts that are key.

Saturn, the planet of responsibility and hard-work moves out of its debilitated pada at 0-3.20 Aries into a friend’s section into Pada 2 ruled by Taurus (Sagittarius 3.20-6.40) and connected to Venus  and Saturn stays there until April 27th.  This is a huge sigh of relief because the heaviness of Saturn that has weighed on many since early January will finally lift for about 5 weeks.  While it is still connected to Ketu and Mula nakshatra, its more spiritual dimension in Sagittarius can finally come out.  The 2nd pada will support the arts and occult pursuits  but it will still force hard-work and cause some obstacles but will do so to point you toward more liberation and freedom.  The diety connected to this 3-3.30 degrees is Kinnara, the half-bird man holding lutes in his hands connected  to knowledge of the birds which embodies the desire for liberation and that desire to fly to the Sun and become free in the light of the glory of the Divine.  Saturn is connected with this diety only briefly now until March 22nd but I love the symbolism and mythology of this diety and it reminds me of the Greek myth of Icarus who wanted to fly  only to have his wings melt by the Sun.  So a good questing spiritual energy at least for a week with Saturn until the energy shifts when it moves into a new 1/2 degree.

Mars is also shifting a bit into the 4th pada of Ashwini tonight at 10.00-13.20 Aries where it is debilitated-which is a misunderstood word in astrology.  Cancer padas are connected with teaching and coaching and knowledge and  Mars in this pada  from March 16-19th will increase empathy and attunement with the healing of the collective consciousness.  Mars the spiritual warrior can get drowned in  the sea of spiritual emotions here and may need a rest from all the intense activity of the past few weeks as we have flung our energy out in many directions  with new bursts of power to accomplish great things.  Time to rest now a bit from all that activity. Mars will move into a new constellation next week, Bharani (Aries 13.20-26.40) and we will talk about it later.

So wanted to just share how microscopic Vedic astrology is and it is like reading fine strands of DNA that shift very quickly. My goal is to bring this precision into my readings because every 1/2 degree of the zodiac reveals information about your destiny. If you are interested in a reading, hit the request button at   Have a great day.

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