Its Saturday, ruled by Saturn and a natural day for hard work, responsibility, running errands and cleaning. Saturn is slowing down in the sky and moving toward going retrograde on April 6th and will stay retrograde until August 25th.  It will stay in the 3-4 degree area of Sagittarius for a long time as it takes a long time for a steam-liner to slow down and reverse course and usually I find that a few weeks before Saturn goes retrograde and after a bit intense particularly if you are ruled by Saturn.


If you were born with Saturn retrograde–and probably 40% of the planet is because it is retrograde 5 of the 12 months of the year– you may have a tendency for being more reclusive and self-isolating and anti-social or feeling lonely.  You may also have a tendency to feel grim or pessimistic or depressed and so the retrograde in transit may bring up this energy again for you evaluate  and you will have to either work with it or  and take more meditation retreats.  Saturn does will with discipline, meditation, yoga and exercise and hard work and this can help but usually need to bring Venus to the rescue.   Venus is always the best anecdote for Saturn so fun, music, artistic expression, relationship time help balance out Saturn over the coming months so on Saturdays make sure you do something fun over the coming months.

Saturn, the planet of responsibility and “reality-check” will get another strong chance re-access its situation around work and will force painful lessons around the material world and ones karmic debts to this world after April 9th.  I find the two week before it goes retrograde can be highly intense for the world and in one’s personal life and sometimes be very powerful for suffering to bring up transformation.   The period between March 25-April 2nd may bring this up.  Do not let Saturn’s weaker quality of fear overtake its strong-grounded nature to be realistic and responsible in the material world. This can be handled by staying more grounded in your body with exercise, disciplined meditation and yoga which all help calm Saturn.

Saturn is retrograde 5 of the 12 months of the year and teaches us to  reflect  on our long-term commitments.  Hence the Saturn retrograde period is a time to revaluate your work, your life and why you are here.    Ideally, when Saturn brings up fear in us and in world events  it forces us to turn to the Divine and evaluate our purpose here on the planet, to look for the eternal and not changing material existence.  The Saturn retrograde period at its highest level should force you to look at your highest vision and purpose on the planet and maybe it will do that by shaking your infrastructure and forcing you to think about your health, your body, your home, your work and whether you have enough money to survive.  That does not have to happen if you heed the call early.

Saturn retrograde may even force us to reflect on the nature of death. Our older friends and family members may be subject to passing and this forces us to reflect on our life and what we have done to achieve our highest purpose on the planet.  Do we take up the call to action and search more deeply into our life or do we cower in fear and self-vicitimization?    Retrograde Saturn should force you to wake up and do something great.   Part of the problem this year is that April 27th-June 20th, Saturn transits back into its weak area at 0-3.20 Sagittarius ruled by Aries and we have written about this and makes the fear element stronger and you will have to work harder to make it all happen. Use the period til April 27th when Saturn is stronger to make important decision about your life and purpose.

Saturn governs work for everyone and it slowing down and going retrograde may create rethinking of a situation or  reworking or redoing but if you are not clear about what is happening, then it causes frustration and irritation from the delays. Get ahead of your life by planning now to get things done before Saturn slows things down.

If you are  Capricorn or Aquarius rising or have Saturn in the ascendent or if you are Sagittarius rising  or if your Atmakaraka is Saturn (planet with the highest degrees in your chart, or if you are running a Saturn mahadasha or Saturn sub-period, the Saturn retrograde period will have a more significant impact on your life.

Saturn retrograde should lead us to more solitude and introspection about our life the next 5 months and it wants to inspire us to do something great. If we are under 35, Saturn retrograde may beckon us to grow up and become more mature and face responsibility.    If we fail to answer Saturn’s call, we may feel victimized or suffer but if we rise up with hard work and face our challenges, Saturn will help us ride the waves into a richer and more powerful life.  Answer the call and Saturn in Sagittarius will take you to new realms of Divine realization around your highest purpose.

All gratitude to my Jyotish Gurus and my spiritual gurus for their continued light and guidance.

Om Tat Sat.


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