Mars transits into Taurus on April 12th and is a bit wobbly in the sky today as it is getting ready to change signs and this can hurt risk-taking and increase problems with aggression and certainly the global saber-rattling with North Korea and Russia has to be on alert status.  We think the vulnerable period is over by Wednesday and by Thursday, Mars is exalted in the Capricorn section of Taurus and bringing strong sense of duty and service.  Overall we think with Venus in Pisces and Jupiter unafflicted in Virgo, that the benefics will hold up the world over the next few months and it is Mars in Cancer in July that has us more concerned about world conflict.

Mars will be unafflicted in Taurus and channeling a strong Sun’s energy by Thursday/Friday but it  channels the more difficult energy of a Sun in transition the next few days. We have written about this  in our article on Mars in Krittika.  If you were born with Mars in Taurus, you have charm, good sales and persuasive energies, are fun and affectionate and caring and fond of sports, amusements, sexual activity and good food.  The transit will bring out some of these qualities.

Mars will benefit its own sign of Scorpio most by 7th house aspect and hurt Saturn with a sneaky 8th house aspect which is exact around April 18th and that will increase fear in the world greatly as we move into Saturday, ruled by Saturn.  The 8th house aspect to Jupiter’s sign will also increase aggression for that already war-like sign of Sagittarius and that is the ascendant of the US so the exact aspect of Mars to the US ascendant around April 21st may increase aggression by the US or from its enemies with Taurus being the US 6th house.  Mars will also aspecting Leo and will aspect Trump’s natal ascendent on April 22nd either given Trump courage to face the current battles or to bring out his own courage with the situation.   If you are Taurus rising, you might find yourself in more heated  battles in relationship but Venus still strong in Pisces the whole transit, they may turn more passionate than aggressive.

We have talked about Mars in Krittika (Aries 26.40-Taurus 10.00) which is know as the Pleiades by  Western astronomers. The more difficult part of the transit is in Rohini (Taurus 10.00-23.20)  know as Aldebaran by Western astronomers) which is owned by the moon. Mars will transit through this section of the sky, April 28-May 17th and it will bring up  struggles with security issues, passions, getting caught up in luxuries or body building and these may weaken  the warrior energy of Mars who is built for service and protection.   If you are Aries or Scorpio rising, you have to curb your sensual and addictive tendencies or lose some strength.  Mars will be aspecting  Rahu tightly the week of April 18-23rd bring up the darker sexual and aggressive and additctive  energies of Mars onto Rahu in Leo and may feed desire for sexual conquest or glory in battle too much. Not great energies to have elevated as warrior boats steam to troubled areas.

Mars is debilitated in the sign of  Cancer and it seems that being in the Moon’s nakshatra or Rohini then is not a great thing particularly May 12-17th when it is debilitated in the D-9 section of sign.  Still the Sun in Aries with its strong leadership April 13-May 14th will keep Mars mostly out of trouble and Donald Trump, who is Leo rising, ruled by the Sun should benefit by the transit.

Mars goes into the constellation of Mrigashira May 17 (Taurus 23.20-Gemini 6.40) and this is its own star and know as Orion by Western astronomers and this part of the sky should be stronger.

Clients are worried about North Korea and its leader. Work I have done on his chart suggests that he will not last beyond Jan. 2018.  The issue is how much damage can he cause until then?  We will have to do more work on this as time permits.    Bottomline is that Venus and Jupiter will uphold the world at least until July and then we will see if enough security and checks and balances are in place to prevent something more major.

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