Rahu is casting a 5th house, 120 degree aspect from Leo to Sagittarius within 3 degrees (true node)  and it has an impact to its exact point into Oct 9th and the planets do not separate until late October.  While there is some relief when Saturn goes retrograde into Scorpio on June 21 because they are in different signs, I do not like to think the divisions between signs create  brick walls so that there is still a strong influence even in Scorpio.  With the true node transit, Rahu and Saturn are in Aries Navamsha in the D-9 chart June 3rd-June 20th and that may be the height of the intensity. ( In the mean node system, the intensity of conjunction is less pronounced and only hitting Aries navamasha (D-9)  on June 16th. ( I prefer true nodes for transits).

It is thought that Rahu  trinal aspects can create wrong desires or wanting to express wrong secrets in our heart and can express past wrongs that we have done in the past. It can lead to scheming and cheating and manipulation. On the positive side it can create intense creativity and innovation  and desire to rise in status with Rahu in Magha nakshatra.   It an also lead to scheming for the future and this applies to Leo rising more specifically and impacting Sagittarius rising and Virgo rising (2nd house aspect) but also Aries rising with the 9th house aspect.

Saturn and Rahu are both in Ketu’s constellations and channeling its fiery nature.   Only Jupiter in Virgo until Sept. 11th  creates Argala or a positive balancing relationship for Leo to prevent even more intensity and continues to support Leos from  Rahu’s influence.   On the positive side there is an  overall good energy to do great things and too overwork as Saturn/Rahu has that workaholic quality but the cost of that is to wear us down if we get too reckless and out of balance and Saturn in Aries in D-9 can have us making mistakes. For example this week  I got  careless as I pushed through  cleaning black mold out of air conditioning units and not thinking to use a mask or take the units outside.  It can lead to sickness if we do not slow down.  If we act to rashly with craziness and recklessness with Saturn in Aries in D-9 and aspected by Rahu, we may run into problems. So as Simon and Garfunkle remind us, “Slow down, you are moving, too fast. You have to make the morning last.”   There is positive energy to plow through difficult tasks but not without a huge toll on the physiology.  For people ruled by Leo or running a  Saturn or Rahu or Ketu period,  this aspect  may create a great deal of intensity now caring for the sick, weak, negative people or people that are in morning and it may bring up deep and anguished feelings and anger and frustration that spews forth.  People in Rahu/Saturn or Saturn/ Rahu periods may feel the impact most.

The fire element is more intense with all two  malefics in  Ketu-ruled nakshatras,   Magha and Mula which are located at the first 13 degrees of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.   Magha, the constellation of kings, can be over-demanding and cruel to those who do not treat them with respect and of course Donald Trump has his rising ascendent here.  Mula (Sagittarius 0-3 degrees)  when afflicted can create selfishness, arrogance, willfullness and instability.  I think the darker qualities of these transits come out with the malefic aspects and transits to them through Ketu’s nakshatra and with the dispositor of them in the intense and suffering-orientated sign of Aquarius creating an intense drive  and at the same time the intensity of inner frustration at not being able to go fast enough with the Aries energy in D-9 that will pick up even more in June with the Saturn/Mars opposition May 29th into June 3rd also.

If you have Saturn in early Sagittarius in your natal chart, this transit is particularly fraught with more anxiety.  Rahu aspecting Saturn creates a unappreciated good efforts and the ability to break old habits.  Rahu/Saturn stirs up anxiety and unconscious fear and the  world seems to be changing too quickly and what was secure yesterday is not true today.  The key will adapting  to all the change and trusting that the Divine has a bigger plan for you.  Rahu want to achieve great things and Saturn connected to Mula nakshatra (Sag. 0-13.20)  wants to retreat into the cave to meditate and so it may be that going on a retreat sometime over the next six months as this aspect intensifies will create enough detachment from the world to give you the power to move forward and achieve your goals.  Still Rahu/Saturn aspects are very intense and fraught with fear and if you run around like a rabbit, your balance and stability turns into a jumble. This influence of Rahu aspecting Saturn  will continue into October when it is exact  so master it early or  be swallowed up.  Daily meditation and yoga will calm it down and soothing herbal teas and less running around like a rabbit is essential.

Rahu in Leo, the natural 5th sign of the zodiac is creating intense drive and power and ambition manifesting in the solar plexus to conquer and do huge tasks yet the  Saturn aspects are churning up frustration and indecision and intensity so watch your stomach if it is churning and take care not to eat too fast.  Watch your blood pressure as Leo is the natural sign for the heart also so make sure not to over-exert yourself.

If you are a fire sign like Leo, Sagittarius or have key planets in those signs at key degrees around 0-3 degrees Aries or Leo, there may be more raging and frustration and restless churnings.  If you are running  Saturn or Rahu  or Ketu periods on the first or 2nd level, you may feel the intensity more.  And if you undestand Rashi Dashas from Jaimini then if you are running Leo or Sagittarius periods, you will also experience more intensity.

So slow down.  Make sure you stay balanced to avoid getting sick from running around and trying to do too much. Be more patient with setbacks and flaws in others and find a way to channel the fire energy into exercise so that it does not explode on a loved one.  To calm Ketu which is flamed by Rahu in Magha and Saturn in Mula, drink fire element  calming liquids like coconut water and coconut milk and avoid hot spicy food so you do not become a towering inferno. I think the peak of intensity is during the first 3 weeks of June when Saturn and Rahu are in the same section of the zodiac in Aries Navamsha in D-9.   Mars opposing Saturn on May 29th and have a strong opposition to Saturn May 26-June 2nd will increase all of this energy and frustration and intensity and we will write about it next week as it approaches.

All thanks to my Gurus and Jyotish Gurus for their knowledge and keeping me centered.  Go forth and conquer but remember to be kind and clean up your messes in the process!




Read my article on this course published in the Astrological  e-magazine in March 2017   edited by B. Niranjan Babu.

Here is a copy of the article on my blog: https://www.appliedvedicastrology.com/multiple-levels-existence-birth-chart/

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