Saturn into Sagittarius is going to suddenly impact new areas of the cosmic body and when it is in Aries Navamsha in the D-9 chart (0-3.20 Sag.) it can bring out more health issues. Today is Sunday and the symbol for health so a time to talk about Saturn’s impact on health in Sag.

When Saturn is strong it is like a mountain and creates calmness of mind and self-control.  The problem with much of 2017 is that Saturn is weak being in the junction point between the fire and water signs (Scorpio 27-Sag. 3) know as the gandanta.  Also for much of the year when it is at 0-3 degrees Sagittarius until June 20th, it is s lazier and more fearful and the fire energy  will be disturbed by Saturn’s air and vata energy.  The tendency will be toward rushing through obstructions with carelessness  and this may create problems.   Basically  we have to stay on top of our health and our diet and exercise routine  this year otherwise Saturn is going to do its job and kick us into a disciplined program to take care of our body. We have to be more alert and focused in everything to avoid carelessness activity that can lead to accidents or wounds. Activating Mars and focus in the third eye by doing the warrior pose in yoga will be helpful everyday and we will have to stay rested so that we do not make mistakes.   Handling mental energy, worry and anxiety will require another article and we have discussed this previously in our series on Saturn in Transition.


Saturn in Sagittarius will be aspecting Aquarius, its own sign, Virgo and Gemini and of course impacting Sagittarius mostly .  It rules Capricorn and will be 12 houses from its own sign which is a difficult transit for Capricorns and Saturn is weak all year being in the juncture point between the water sign of Scorpio and the fire sign of Sagittarius so Capricorn  rising will be impacted. Virgos and Geminis will be affected greatly from the aspects and more directly in 2017 if your rising signs are located at 0-6 degrees Virgo or Gemini and to a lesser degree 0-6 Aquarius.

So how will all of these signs be impacting in terms of health.  This is not to scare you but to make you aware of how the planets interact with your body and impact it.  There is always something to do.  If you are in a malefic Saturn period and are over 60 or 70 when Saturn is more dominant, then the impact of health problems will be greater.   Basically, you have to take better care of your body next year with a disciplined diet, regular exercise and yoga, and taking advantage of Ayurvedic oil massages to lubricate dry areas of your body.  Pick up Dr. Lad’s classic book Ayurveda: Science of Life, if you do not own a copy.

The natural signs of the zodiac govern the different parts of the body for everyone so there are some general things we an say about Saturn in Sagittarius and aspecting Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo after January 27th.

Sagittarius, the 9th sign of the zodiac  governs arteries, lower back, hips and thighs and so these are particularly impacted for everyone.  Diseases connected to Sag include obesity, hip injuries and arthritis in the hips.  There are yoga postures you can do keep your hips flexible and there are ayurvedic treatments to bring my oil to your hip areas to lubricate them more and prevent arthritis which is a disease of dryness.  We all have to take care of our hips the next few years.

Virgo governs the lower abdomen and colon, digestive, large intestine.  Jupiter in Virgo is supporting this area until September when it moves into Libra.   More attention will be required in the fall.  When Virgo is afflicted it creates poor digestion, gas, constipation, ulcers, food allergies, hypoglycemia, diabetes and appendicitis and problems with the immune systems.   The secret in Ayurveda is to keep the colon clean.  Taking a pro-biotic (Natren is best and is the one most alive and is kept refrigerated) at night and first thing in the morning will keep your elimination healthy. Doing regular colon cleans or panchakarma or more simply doing   regular laxative and cleanings programs are good to keep things moving as many health problems are tied to accumulation of toxins in the body.   Drink lots of warm water during the day to flush out toxins regularly and stay off of GMO’s and move to organics  to keep your immune system strong and prevent food allergies.  Obviously watch your sugar and carb intake if there is a history of diabetes in your family and this is becoming a global epidemic.

Gemini governs the shoulders, upper arms and upper chest. When it is afflicted, it creates lung disorders, shoulder injuries, nervous disorders.  There are all kinds of yoga postures you can do for the shoulders to keep them limber.   People with lung problems have to cut down on dairy and wheat products which increase mucus.   A product called Clear Lung has saved my life many times by eliminating difficult coughing and breathing problems.

Capricorn governs the bones and joints and the basic 10th house area of the zodiac or the  knees.  Afflictions to Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn can create arthritis of the knees and weakness of the bones in general.    There are therapies for this and regular light walking is a good start and oil massages on the knees can be helpful and get a brace or ace bandage of you need more knee support or if you are prone to knee problems. Ayurveda has a practice of making these bread-like donuts and then placing warm oil to soak in to lubricate the knee joints. Something to look into. Talk to your health care people about supplements that support cartilage like MSM and condroiten.

Finally Aquarius governs the skin and the calves.  Aquarius is afflicted now with Ketu transiting through there until September.   I myself have had itching breaking out on my calves.   Even if Saturn is aspecting its own sign, it can still create some mild health disorders  and will still cause some problems including skin disorders, poor circulation and weakness in the lower legs.  Again walking is great and I have resorted to my rebounder/trampoline to get my circulation going.  Lots of water is essential to flush out toxins and prevent skin irritations and staying off of white non-organic flour and GMO can support the body and prevent skin irritations.

When afflicted, Saturn   a planet that signifies old age, chronic and wasting diseases, weak digestion and poor resistance to disease. It contributes to depression, diseases of dryness like constipation, arthritis, rheumatism, broken bones, osteoporosis, premature aging, cancer, tremors and infertility.  This article is to inspire you to be more vigilant about taking care of your body with exercise, diet, yoga, meditation and not to become lazy around these things.  Saturn responds to discipline and is always inspiring you to a higher calling if you listen to its messages.

There are emotional components to each part of the body and connected to Saturn’s influence and that will make an interesting future article.   For example if you have lower back problems, you are probably manifesting that issue because you do not feel supported in life.  We can always see the connections between the physical and emotional and mental body as physical problems manifest when we do not address them in the mental and emotional bodies. If you are interested in this kind of material, you can schedule readings with me and Gary O’Toole for more insights into all of this and to taking better care of your body.  See:

Please save the mind and focus on health.  I have written this article to bring your attention to the care of your body.  None of these problems will have to impact you but if you have malefic planets in your natal chart in  Sagittarius, Virgo or Gemini or are Capricorn rising in early degrees like 0-6 degrees Sag or Virgo or Gemini and you are running a Saturn period on some level or some combination of malefic dasha combinations involving  Rahu or Ketu or Mars or dashas dealing with planets in the 6th or 11th houses or owning them, then your chart may be triggered. Vedic astrology is like reading strands of DNA and people are so different .  Do not  get caught up in negative thinking. Our articles are just to bring awareness to what could be triggered and our goal is to inspire you to be more aware of your body and taking care of it over the next year.

Moreover, we all have different DNA structures and our rising signs will have very specific influences by Saturn.  For example, Scorpio risings will have Saturn afflicting the 2nd, 4th, 8th and 11th house impacting throat/endrocrine/teeth are subject to problems and heart, reproduction and circulation will be affected. So many combination.  Bottom line is to be aware and take care of yourself and stay alert!

Still not to worry.  Find a good health practitioner.  Stay rested and do not run around like a rabbit.    If you are in a good period for your rising sign and are young, you might have minor problems but if you are in a Saturn period or sub-period and older, then more pronounced events can happen.  Diet, exercise and proper care can prevent problems and just lead to minor glitches rather than major problems. Still Saturn will do its job.   It creates suffering to point us toward the Divine and ultimately spirituality will help us get through anything.   Of course consult your doctor and a trained professional as astrological advisor is no replacement for expert medical attention. So focus on health and not worry and Saturn will richly reward you!


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