Mars transits into the constellation of Ardra which is located at Gemini 6.20-20.00 on June 5th and Western astronomers connect it with the constellation of r Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion, and Sirius, the Dog star.

Ardra is one of the more difficult constellations in the zodiac that creates  clarity and emotional cleansing that occurs after the storms of the soul recede.  Mars here can be rather destructive but than can reach into the turmoil with courage and wisdom to weather the storms of change if it doeS not get caught up in ambition, manipulation  and fear.  If it fails self-destruction can reign and create turmoil.

Mars in Rahu’s constellation channels the energy of Leo and Magha so blind ambition and leadership can be compromised by reckless flailing.  The key to this transit if you are ruled by Scorpio or Aries is to tone down  being feverishness and acting too rashly.  Saturn aspecting Rahu will bring out the darker side. So continue to slow down and do not let the reckless energy of Mars/Rahu create accidents, fights or intense anger that leads to an explosive situation.  Cool things down with cold showers, trips to the pool, coconut water and milk and rose pedal jam which all calm the fire element.   Cut down on intense exercise and competition that might increase the fire energy and lead to confrontation and fighting.  Go for a swim in the pool instead and with summer here, that is a natural thing to do.

The primary symbols for Ardra are a human head, representing thinking, and a teardrop, which represents over-coming suffering.  It is an excellent rising nakshatra because it reflects brilliant mental abilities of Einstein.  . Rudra, the lord of the storms,  will probably kick off tornado season with a bang also so listen to the radio more if you live in tornado or hurricane areas. 

Ardra creates emotional storms of a short-duration if we get stuck in the past and its purpose is to shake us out of our rigidity and to change our life to create a better future. It has the Uranus quality.  The storms wash away the dirt and leave us clearer and brighter and shiner and so they have a positive purpose. It ultimately seeks to dismantle whatever level of Maya or illusion we are stuck in.  Ardra can scatter mental energies and and create confusion to the key will be to find the courage to tackle the challenges and come out the other end of the car wash–squeaky clean.

If you are running a Rahu/Mars or Mars/Rahu period, this transit may impact you most and Scorpio rising with the 8th house transit through Gemini has to find the tools of transformation to get through the storms.  The transit is easier for Aries rising but it still has to dig deep and find its courage to move forward.

Always, transits are very specific to charts and larger cycles that are going on so if you are in a storm, it might be time for a reading so consult us at

All thanks to all my Gurus, jyotish Gurus and guides that support me on the path to Self-realization.

Have a great day and month and remember that storms make us stronger if we go within and meditate and help us discover we are the depth of the unbounded ocean and no waves or storms can touch us.


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