At the beginning of the year, we had noted that the last few weeks of June would be rather challenging  we are feeling it and it is going to take a lot of slowing down, patience and discipline to get through it.  People sometimes criticize me for brining out negative-and that is not always the case– but I am just the weatherman.  If it is going to rain with high winds, I am not going to pretend we have sunny wonderful days for picnics ahead.  In the end, challenging astrology forces us to make difficult decisions, big changes in our life and to grow in new ways. It is not always easy and I know people would rather have good astrology where you can sit on the beach, soak in the sun and play but life does not always give us that opportunity all the time.

We have talked about Saturn moving retrograde into Scorpio for weeks and it is happening starting today but it is a slow moving event and it is particularly challenging into July 2nd when it is between 29.14-29.59 degrees. In the gandanta area known as the tangled know, it brings up complex problems that are difficult to unravel and seems a bit overwhelming. In the Scorpio part of the knot, the problems are more emotional and bring up deep subconscious patterns to heal.   We have to face and look at difficult and complex responsibilities now that we have not worked on and the retrograde action is forcing us to clean them up.  Where they manifest is dependent what house is impacted in your chart.  They will be most felt on Saturdays and when the moon is going through Saturn’s constellation of Pusya (Cancer 3.20-16.40) and that will be also Sunday/Monday.  Unconscious fear and anxiety is up.  Capricorn rising and Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus and Leos will feel it most especially if you have planets near 27-29 degrees of those signs.  We have reminded you to stay on top of yoga, meditation, getting enough rest and not rushing around to get through it but it will also require deep transformation in your life and is a gift if you can seize it.   Gemini and Virgos are feeling it strong also with Saturn’s strong aspect to Mercury still in force until Wednesday increasing anxiety.

We also have the Summer solstice June -June 21st depending where you live  when the longest day of the year is upon us. The planetary energies are rebalancing now and it is important to stay rested and not run around like a crazy person.  Sometimes there is a huge amount of energy and we use it to get a lot done and then we get sick from exhaustion or getting out of balance.  Use the time to meditate, celebrate and welcome the summer.

Sun is conjunct Mercury on Wednesday, June 21st and then both planets move into the constellation of Ardra (Gemini 6.40-20.00) on Thursday, June 22nd  known as Betelgeuse by Western astronomers.  This constellation is owned by Rahu and is connected to Rudra and Shiva and beckons deep transformation and can bring up some tears and suffering if we are not able to move through deep issues.  Mercury is moving quickly now and will only stay there until June 28th and the Sun spends 13 days in each constellation and will be there until July 5th.  We will write about that transit later in the week.

The moon is at least exalted in Taurus Wednesday and Thursday and that will bring some emotional fullness and a bit of relief.  New moon in Gemini on Friday is opposing Saturn bring up a layer of fear and triggering more of the Saturn knot that we discussed above and then it moves toward conjunction with Mars triggering potential anger over the weekend on Saturday.

Pluto trines Venus on Saturday, June 24th with the aspect being felt most on Friday, June 24th.  The aspect increases emotion tension and sexual desire and can lead to a lot of passion for artistic creativity but can sometimes erupt into sexual and relationship conflict  so go easy on your partner and blame Pluto if there is a wave of intense anger.

Mars will square Jupiter fully on Sunday, June 25th which can lead to inapproriate financial affairs so watch your expenditures and investments over the next week.   Mars transits out of the difficult constellation of Ardra into Purnavasu (Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20 on June 26th and that will provide some welcome relief for Aries and Scorpio rising and increase optimism and courage to move forth.

Mercury moves toward a conjunction with Mars on June 28th on a Wednesday owned by the planet Mercury. This can bring up disputes and arguments so remember not to argue in the car and pullover if something starts and drive carefully and watch out for the other guy June 27-29th during the most intense part of that transit. It is particularly difficult for Aries/Scorpio and Gemini/Virgo of if you are in a Mars/Mercury or Mercury/Mars period. Drive carefully.

Definitely a week to stay on top of your meditation and yoga and slow it down and exercise and be in your body to deal with the difficult emotions.   I think the first few weeks of July are a much easier but the summer is difficult with Mars going into Cancer starting July 11th.

If you need help unraveling your chart, sign up for a reading at our website.   Have a great day!


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