Moon in Cancer Sunday June 25: Auspicious Yoga–A Break in the Action

EYE ON THE SKY:  Ravi Pusya Yoga

In Vedic astrology there are certain combinations for the moon’s transits through nakshatras and certain lunar days and certain weekdays that are auspicious.  While the astrology is a bit bleak overall, there is a bright spot on Sunday.  Depending on where you live, check your Panchanga. In the Midwest of the United States  between about 1 pm on Sunday afternoon, June 25th and Sunrise on Monday, there is an auspicious time for starting new things.  When Pushya nakshatra coincides with Sunday, the auspicious muhurta Ravi Pushya yoga is formed.

Buying a new car, shopping for upcoming festivals, marriage or other functions are considered auspicious during ravi pushya yoga. This yoga is a rare muhurtha  as it occurs only a few times every year. Ravi pushya yoga is a very good time for starting new business, buying new car, buying gold, offering poojas.

Pushya nakshatra is located in Cancer between 3.20-16.40 and is considered the most auspicious constellation in the zodiac because it connected to Brihaspati, the guru and chief advisor of the gods.  Because it is connected to Jupiter, it had a strong benevolent nature and is generous, compassion and joyful and this constellation brings. Even though the nakshatra is owned by Saturn, who is having a hard weekend, the ruling deity can bring in some grace and is more important then the ruling planet.

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