We have been writing a lot about Saturn because of its long transit through the last three degrees of Scorpio between now and late late October.  Difficult Saturn transits, depending on your chart, can bring up delays, financial problems, injury, shame, humiliation, illness, destruction.  For most of you it  has just been a lot of emotional grunge and deep fears about the future and an intensity of suffering that our problems will not go away as the knotted area at 29.14-29.59 of Scorpio has a sense of feeling that we are tangled in a knot that knot that cannot be undone.

We tend to eternalize our suffering which means that we tend to exaggerate and make it so much bigger than it is.  The antidote is always gratitude and being grateful for what we have in our life and what works whether it is our health, our job, our relationship.  The mind wants to make our suffering bigger and we have to catch it and not exaggerate the negative make it bigger than it really is.   If we do, we become a victim to the planets. Instead we have to find the courage of Mars and move through our problems with power and action rather than self-pity.  Reach back and find that courage and be a lion and not a victim rather than complaining in a cesspool and making others miserable with our problems.   We have to get very conscious about suffering and complaining  or it becomes exhausting for   for ourselves and others and we have to stop making ourselves and others miserable.

Saturn shows its impact most on Saturdays and when the moon is transiting Saturn’s constellations including Sunday with the moon in Pushya nakshatra (Cancer 3.20-16.40).  We can alleviate Saturnian problems with  hard work, being responsible, meditation and yoga. Given  the difficult transit in the gandanta or karmic knot (Scorpio 29.14-29.59) until July 2nd, we can support Saturn with meditation, being focused, exercise, yoga and chanting to get through the emotional grunge.  Remember that you are not the cesspool of emotional garbage that is coming up  or these difficult thoughts and worries and feelings of being stuck but something bigger.

Saturn problems can be supported by helping the elderly and the poor so a good day to give money to the poor or visit an old age home and provide some warmth and life to those who really suffering and your own troubles will melt away.  You can also fast on Saturdays and fasting and may depend on your body type and it could be anything from a juice fast or fruit fast  to a 1/2 day fast until dinner  depending on your body type and has to be done carefully depending on your blood sugar and bodily capabilities. Some pitta or fiery digestive types may find it difficult to fast and it may be difficult for their body types so always work with your physician and it may not work for the elderly and many others.

There are mantras for each pada (3.20 minutes) of the zodiac so Saturn has 108 mantras and mantra 72 in Andrew Foss’s book, Yoga of the Planets will work  the long transit of Saturn in Jyestha nakshatra (26.40-29.59) and you can pick up a copy on Amazon or Amazon kindle.  Again mantras can empower us shake off the emotional and mental shackles that bind us but are not magic bullets for solving our problems.  (I cannot prescribe mantras in a general article but Andrew’s book is a great place to start.)

Hanuman and action and courage can empower us to get through our problems also so if you have a connection to Hanuman, you can do devotional prayer on Tuesdays to support the courage to move through our problems.  Remember Mars and action empower us to move through wallowing and suffering.

Saturn will be anxious and uncertain  most of the year into Thanksgiving 2017. You are going to have to get used to it or drive yourself crazy with wanting to change jobs, relationships, homes, routines.  Change is good but will it really resolve the restless feelings inside?   Handle the restlessnesss with yoga and meditation and diet and then evaluate more severe changes in the light of common sense when the planets are strongly and when the mind is clear.

When Saturn is unhappy, it tends to be more fearful and creates this sense of dread. When it is solid, it is Capricorn the mountain, unshakable.  You can ground Saturn by being more in your body with walking, the chair pose in yoga, deep knee bends, extra yoga and slow exercise and Tai Chi.  Avoid cold drinks and dry foods and  favor sipping hot water and slowing down and eating hot unctuous meals.   Exercise is grounding but slower is better and running can be intense for many unless you have a really kalpha body or are Taurus rising and need heavy exercise to get unstuck.

An unhappy Saturn can lead to a lot of grumbling so remember to do your gratitude exercises everyday to replace all the thing that are not right with those that are.  (Chair pose below grounds the base chakra to the earth to create more stability.)  Note: Peoples charts and transits are very individual and we write general articles that maybe useful to all our readers. In reality, Vedic astrology is very much like  reading very specific strands of DNA.


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Special thanks to my spiritual teachers and to my Jyotish Gurus and especially Komilla Sutton for their teachings.

Jai Guru Dev

(Victory to the Big Mind) so that we do not get gripped by noise of our emotions and thoughts and smallness)


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