Venus continues to move slowly in the sky as it still is in Aries and summer has started and finally moves into the sign of Taurus on June 29th until July 24th.  The first part of its journey is into my favorite constellation, Krittika.   Western astronomers connect this constellation with the Pleiades or the seven sisters.  The ruling planet of the constellation is the Sun with Agni, the God of Fire, as the residing deity. The shakti of this lunar mansion is ‘the power to burn away the negativity to get to the truth”.   .  It has has a stronger nature for fulfilling material desires and its symbol is a razor which cuts through the “bull” to get through to the truth.  The constellation allows one to go through extreme purification and get through blocks on the path.

Venus and the Sun are enemies and Venus will be channeling the energy of the Sun in Ardra (Gemini 6.40-20.) most of the time as the Sun does not leave Ardra until July 5th.  The Sun/Venus combination is always good for performers in the arts and on the stage as Venus when she is her weaker state can become a bit narcissistic and when afflicted can lead to jealousy.  The first pada (Aries 26.40-30.00) (June 25-June 29) is auspicious and called Pushkara where planets can shine and bring out their hidden talents and strengths so I suspect it will be a good week for artistic creation.    Venus turns weak on Thursday, June 29th as it changes signs and moves into Taurus at 9:04 am Central Time and is strongest and most happy at the end of the transit July 6-8th when Venus is exalted in the D-9 chart and in its own sign of Taurus.

Venus in Taurus (June 29-July 25)  is always a wonderful time particularly for Taurus rising and Capricorns and Aquarius rising.  The shakti of Taurus is it  that give power to bring wealth, social success, prosperity and enjoyment. For Vedic  lovers, it is connected to Krishna.  Key word to remember here is Blessings and it is easy to remember the blessings of Venus who brings material prosperity to us. Planets placed in Taurus in any part of the chart bring blessings but we of course have to consider all the other aspect of interpretation that we know as Jupiter in Taurus may bring blessings of teachers but will also bring problems with obesity so Jupiter’s aspect to Taurus may incite us to spend too much or over-eat and gain wait if we are not aware.  Given all the recent intensity with 3 planets (Mercury, Mars and the Sun)  in Ardra (Gemini 6.20-20.) through June 25th, it will be a nice break to have Venus in Taurus to provide some relief and comfort. She is particularly happy to be in Rohini nakshatra July 9-20th where the connection with the moon is very powerful bring prosperity and material and emotional comfort.  Venus also gets trined by Jupter from Virgo into July 18th and as we approach that exact aspect within 5 degrees starting July 14-July 23rd, material expansion and optimism should return a bit and Venus’s transit will help off-set some of the messy energy of Mars moving closer to the Sun into July 26th.

Taurus rising and Aquarius rising and Capricorn rising will do best with transit of Venus into Taurus.  Libra rising can face deep karmic issues with an 8th house transit of the ascendent lord.  Scorpio rising may feel subjectively happier with a 7th house transit but often it can make it more inward and meditative as Libra is the 12th house lord and they are enemies.  Geminis get a 12th house transit which brings out deep sexual enjoyment and overspending and indulgence. Virgo rising does best with a 9th house transit of Venus so that may support spiritual growth and pilgrimages and blessings of female Gurus.  Cancer rising may be blessed with increase of female friends and success with income but may face minor health challenges.

On a financial level, the stock market usually does well with Venus in Taurus and while Mars is weak in July it will be connected with Purnavasu and Jupiter starting on June 25th and that should support risk-taking and keep the market up at least into the middle of July.  Still for traders, the dog-days of summer are fast approaching.


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Jai Guru Dev

(Victory to the Big Mind) so that we do not get gripped by noise of our emotions and thoughts and smallness)


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