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Astro-Yoga Reading

30 minutes – $95

This is a shorter version of the Ayurvedic reading that focuses on what hatha yoga poses might best support your health and chart afflictions. Focus will be on postures that will strengthen benefic weak planets and postures that will calm down and balance malefic planets that are affecting your health. A special sequence will be prescribed to help balance your physiology and strengthen your own Ayurvedic constitution. How postures should be done based on your doshas, vata, pita and kalpha will also be assessed.tree-pose

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Vedic Astro-Locality Reading

75 minutes – Starting at $295

We can change some things by time and we can change some things by space. Astro-locality is the art of how our personal birth chart changes as we move from place to place. Depending on where you choose to live, Barry will reframe your local astrological map to a national, or world map, highlighting the different planetary energies that will enhance your life according to your preferences.

What is often not understood is that if you move far away enough from your place of birth, your ascendant may change completely altering some of the influence and house structures and karma. Consequently, it is possible to change your destiny from a bad chart or period and move to a better location that neutralizes or changes it in a more positive manner.

See my article:...

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Relationship Compatibility Reading

90 minutes – $295  




This session provides a thorough assessment of the overall compatibility of the client’s chart for love, business or partnership, and marriage. The strengths and challenges and timing issues of the relationship are discussed openly in a positive, non-judgmental manner.  Using  Prof. Jaya Sheka’s compatibility system derived from 40 years of experience,  Barry can assess your compatibility on multiple levels and discuss the obstacles to a sustained and fulfilled relationship. A detailed psychological analysis will be part of the reading.

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Financial and Investment Counseling Readings

60 minutes – $295






Need help with your money karma? Barry will analyze the best sources for income, as well as your tendencies around debt, savings and investments. Will short-term or long-term investments work for you? What psychological blocks do you have around money and what remedies can be prescribed to get through them.  What might you invest in more successfully? What periods are better for gains and what periods should you avoid that may result in losses? Is real-estate a means for you to profit? How about commodities or metals?

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Ayurvedic Astrological Reading: Changing Your Destiny

75 minutes – $195

This session focuses on the natal birth chart and how different colors, yoga postures, foods, gemstones and behavioral changes can help strengthen benefic weak planets and how mantras and other remedies can help offset malefic influences. Emphasis is placed on health patterns and tendencies but of course, astrology is not a substitute for legal, medical, or psychological advice, so please consult with a licensed professional in these matters.

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Newborn Child Reading: An Owner’s Manual

75 minutes – $195





Want to know what your newborn will become? What career and life talents to support him or her and make sure you do not make a doctor out of an artist. What health issues you should be watching early in life. Get your complete owner’s manual for your young one to be a better parent.

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Career Counseling/Life Purpose Reading

60 minutes – $195

Stuck in your job? Not sure if you’re living your purpose or dharma? Wondering what your child’s life path is supposed to be so you do not turn an artist into a doctor? This owner’s manual can help you uncover your life’s purpose and career tendencies and help focus on what will provide the best income for you. Vocation and avocation may be at odds and talents may be at odds with creating an income. This reading can help pull all these elements together and also show you how different periods and transits may bring out different tendencies in your life. Also focuses on the Atmakaraka or guiding planet of the chart and the lessons of the soul and its purpose on the planet as seen in the Karakamsha Chart...

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Personal Birth Chart/Yearly Forecast Combination

120 minutes – $350






This session provides a combination of both the personal birth chart and yearly forecast consultation. This reading will focus on relevant key elements and issues of the birth chart with reference to a forecast for the year ahead.

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Vedic Progression Chart: The Year Ahead

60 minutes – $175.00  Special til Jan. 12th

Whatever time of year you chose to get this reading, Barry will discuss your major cycles over the next year and the impact of major and minor transits on your life. Client’s specific questions can cover relevant issues and concerns, to include: good timing for auspicious outcomes, dates, and timing for all events such as travel, weddings, career expansion etc.  Ideally, a natal chart should have been done already to create familiarity with the chart but is not required. Understand the transits for your specific chart for 2019 and how the dashas will impact.  What will Saturn in Sagittarius bring.  Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius in March 2019 and  Jupiter in Scorpio until Nov...

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Vedic Natal Chart Reading

75 minutes – $225

This session provides a thorough assessment of the client’s astrological chart utilizing time-proven interpretations involving multiple dimensions of timing and multiple perspectives of one’s charts. Barry likes to see charts as more than a line carved on a stone at birth but a more complex interaction of life purpose, past karma, changes in location, maturation of the soul and other complexities.  Specific areas of focus are chosen involving career, relationship, family relations and any specific area that requires attention.  Basic analysis of the soul’s purpose and the journey is included with this core reading...

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