The last few weeks of June cannot be over soon enough and  July is a few day off.

The good news is that July is a bit lighter.  Jupiter is exalted in D-9 (navamsha) for a month in July 4-August 4th at 20-23.20 Virgo and that will will uplift optimism, generosity, spiritual knowledge and expansion.   Venus is also in Taurus much of the month until July 26th exactly aspected by Jupiter into July 18th and that also creates expansiveness and material comfort for much of the month so when the benefics are strong, they are holding up the world.

While Mars goes into Cancer on July 11th-August 26th and is moving toward conjunction with the Sun will be a problem in July, it is at least not afflicted by other malefic planets so it will only create more fatigue and some anger in general with the worst of the combustion into late July leading  to violence and rioting in troubled parts of the globe and will affect Aries and Scorpio rising most. We will write more about it later.

The constellation of Pushya (Cancer 3.20-16.40) is the most auspicious constellation in the zodiac as it is connected to Brihaspati, the advisor to the gods and so we are lucky to have a number of the planets transiting through this constellation in July with the Sun in Pushya, July 20-August 3rd and Mercury in Pushya (July 5-11th) and Mars in Pushya (July 15-31st).  So this will bring some grace also.

Rahu is weak much of July in the True Node system being in the gandanta and sandhi at 0-1 degrees of Leo and that continues into August.  We will have to write an article about that influence but the nodes being weak  at the edge of the sign can create a sense of insecurity around the material and bring out the darker energies of the nodes in terms of too much ambition, gambling,  problems with pollution, theft and disease.  Ketu of course at the beginning of Aquarius is also weak and has its own challenges.  It could create an unrealistic drive for spirituality and leaving the material world, a desire to give up possessions, creating  surprise ups and downs and create chronic itching or rashes.   This pada of the zodiac (0-3.20) is connected to Libra and relationship and one has to think that Ketu will lead to broken promises in relationship, broken romances, conflicts between spirituality and romance and downturns in business particularly if you have planets in the late degrees of Capricorn or the early degrees of Aquarius.  The lesson here is often learning to balance wanting to be alone and being in relationship and the impact of this transit will be felt until late August with Ketu on the edge.

Saturn is still at the end of Scorpio but at least is out of the Scorpio stinger’s tail from 29.14-29.59 after July 2nd so it is getting mildly better but still brings up deep rooted fears and we wrote a whole article about this a few weeks back.

Finally we have Mars opposing Pluto between Sagittarius and Gemini on July  2nd and will be felt between June 30-July 4th.  This is an earthquake/volcano signature and given 800 small earthquakes in the Yellowstone  Park area, we have to be concerned that a big eruption is imminent.  Concerns for a while have been for Washington State with this regard so have to keep that alert on the horizon.

So at least the benefics will be stronger to give more comfort and grace in July. Stay rested and do not overdo it with Mars combust and find ways to handle anger.

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