Sun  transited into one of my favorite constellations, Punarvasu (Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20) know by Western astronomers as Castor and Pollux.    Punarvasu means “the return of the light” and has the divine ability to bring spiritual light into darknes and it  reflects purity, satya (truth) and strong moral values.It’s shakti or power is “the ability to gain wealth or abundance”. The main deity is Aditi, the Cosmic Mother, who bestows her creative abundance on all who seek her blessings. This lunar mansion is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the great benefic.

Sun finally moves out of the suffering and teary constellation of Ardra today. In the first pada ruled by Aries (Gemini 20-23.30) it will find idealism and renewed energy to search for its purpose.  It will also find confidence through this transit and connects with Jupiter both by aspects between dual signs,   from Gemini/Virgo but also by channeling Jupiter’s strong energy through constellation ownership.  Jupiter is particularly strong most of July into August 4th being in the Cancer pada of Virgo (exalted at 20.00-23.20) and there will be a strong exchange of nakshatra energy between Mars and Jupiter.  This will bring courage  to the Sun that  will help it  to search deep for answers which is a perfect  very Gemini and curious probing mission.

This constellation provides nourishment  and nurturing after the tough storms of Ardra (Gemini 6.40-20.00) It creates contentment and grounding energy but sometimes lacks foresight which leads to complications and adventures.   If you were born with the Sun, Moon or Ascendent in this constellation, you have the qualities of a universal caregiver and are very generous.

The mythology is fascinating with Castor and Pollux with one brother naughty and cruel and the other one wise and generous.   Sometimes we have to fall in our face first with mistakes to gain wisdom in the future.  Events happen in pairs with this transit so if you fall, pick yourself up with new wisdom and move forward.

The constellation is connected to the merchant caste and will support courage in business during its transit until mid-July. We think that the stock market will like the transit as Sun/Jupiter connections often support risk-taking and investing. Still so many factors here and Nasdaq is very wobbly and a pullback for stocks into July 10th is probably coming first.


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