I find that people get too identified too much  with their natal chart as if they were a line on  stone and if they are Scorpio rising in their birth chart than they can talk about themselves only in that way. In reality we are more of a multi-dimensional holograms and there are many charts that we have to look at during different times to get a full picture of who we are.  The rising sign of the Navamsha, the moon’s ascendant, the complex web of nadi nakshatras relationships, the karmakamsha charts that Jaimini teaches us and the rotated dasha lord chart are so important.

Its like a multi dimensional home across the street: from the front door, it may have a beautiful garden and be kept up but when you go to the back, you may see piles of garbage and a back-porch that is falling apart. When you go inside, the kitchen may be beautifully finished but the bedroom is torn apart and under construction.  You may think that the occupant is a wealthy wonderful person but when you meet him he may shares his emotional fragility and his mental anguish and tells you about his abusive childhood. Over the years as you get to know your neighbor, he remodels the house and back yard gets landscaped and remodeled, he finishes the bedroom finally but the kitchen goes into disrepair. After years of spiritual practice and therapy, he seems to be a different person.  Suddenly he gets this idea to physically move his house across the country because he wants a new life and in his new location, he repaints the house and puts in water features and new landscaping and he feels like a totally different person and his life works very differently on the West Coast and his relationships suddenly work but his career suddenly falls apart as well as his health.

From this example of  the house, there are so many dimensions in our life that can be seen from our multiple charts and timings. Our natal chart is what we came in with when we were born but it is constantly shifing. .  A good astrologer has to blend the complex and multiple layers of one’s life to get a complete picture of what is happening and these include:   different planetary periods or dashas, moving away from one’s birthplace, perceptions of how others see us vs. how we are see ourselves, our mental and emotional states, our physical material existence,  the planets ruling our soul and our soul chart, and the the rulers of our fields of life including career, spirituality and so much more. This is our overview article and at a later date we will go into more detail:

  1. PHYSICAL BODY AND PERSONALITY: Natal chart called Rashi Chart:  Based on the constellation and rising sign coming up  on the Eastern horizon when we emerge from the birth channel, this snapshot does imprint all of our karma and create our personality, physical world and set up all our multiple perspectives on our life.   It reveals the self or ego or the outer expression and body of  a person and reveals different temperaments from Aries to Pisces.  Our lagna and the rashis or signs of the zodiac are much more about our physical world and how it manifests.
  2. EMOTIONAL/MENTAL  BODY:  The Moon Chart is  based on what sign your moon falls and the moon’s nakshatra.   This chart reveals more of our emotional nature and how our emotional body reacts to the world and reveals much about our happiness, state of mind, family life and relationship.  The house and sign location of the moon, aspects to it, the waxing and waning nature of the moon, what lunar day you were born on all our determining factors which reveal your emotional nature.  If your moon is in a benefic sign owned by Venus or Jupiter you are going to be mentally more optimisic than if you moon is in a sign owned by Saturn.   A weak moon will make one prey to emotional disturbances and how you react to the world. The Vedic culture pays an enormous amount of attention to the moon chart.  All the basic elements from the Panchanga including tithi, karana, nakshatra, nithya yoga all influence your emotional make-up. The moon chart.  The Moon sign reveals your personality and mental configuration and shows the level of prana, health, and disease.  More over the moon sign reveals your thought  and thinking and awareness and consciousness.
  3. MENTAL BODY: Nadi Nakshatra Chart:  The Impact of the Fixed Stars :  The 28 constellations of the zodiac impact the mental body and the higher and lower energies  that it daily struggles with.  They also indicate the emotional chaos, unhappiness and sorrow that we struggle with on a daily basis. The nakshatras or constellations deal with karma which is stored in the mind which is continually changing from the transits of the moon through the 28 constellations every month.  What constellation your rising sign hits impacts your emotional and mental body.  From this perspective, we see the mental body and how the mind works either with the soul or against it and it indicates intuitions and blocks.   What planets are in what constellations or fixed start and their owners and personalities reveal a whole hidden matrix and complex interactive personality that can be diagnosed.  This is sometimes called Nadi Nakshatra. I refer it to the Matrix of our hidden personality or mental make-up.  While something may have the potential to manifest well in the physical chart, if the mental chart has blocks, then our beliefs in its manifestation may obstruct it.
  4. HIDDEN TALENTS:  Navamsha Chart or 1/9 divisional chart reveals the working of our soul and the past life talents we have carried over and the nature of our spouse.  It tells us if our soul’s quest is devata having a quest for knowledge, Mahush or human and having an orientation to search for wealth, or Rakshasa or demon and having a quest for power and domination. The rising navamsha sign may reveal the hidden qualities of the personality it also reveals so much about our life path in terms of dharma, artha, kama, moksha and whether we have an orientation toward being a protector, an orientation toward solid economic footing, a desire for relationship and communication or a desire for teaching wisdom and finding liberation in this world.
  5. SOUL CHART: Karakamsha Navamsha Chart:  This is a more specialized soul chart that puts the Atmakaraka in the 1st house of the D-9 (see article on this:  ) This chart reveals the journey of the soul and how the ruler of the soul expresses itself.   How this chart relates to the natal chart, which planets it conjuncts, how it connects to the Sun and the Moon will indicate how the soul expresses itself. This chart reveals how our godliness.  Whether the soul’s desires are fulfilled or unfulfilled in this life are expressed here. Inherited talents are show here.  The 12th house ruler and planets in this chart indicate the Ishtadevata or the planet governs our moksha.
  6. LIFE PURPOSE CHART: Karakamsha Lagna in Rashi Chart:  This chart reveals the soul’s purpose and how it manifests in the material existence and the difficulties it faces in its journey. I find this chart the most revealing for a soul’s purpose and what it is meant to do in this life.  For example, even if I am Scorpio rising, my Karakamsha Rashi chart is Gemini rising with a stationary Jupiter and Ketu place there and hence my truest soul’s purpose is teaching spiritual knowledge and jyotish and being a jyotish educator.  This chart in comparison to others can reveal whether the soul will achieve its desire.
  7. DASHA PERIOD CHART: The major dasha or planetary period that we run will also provide a very revealing look at the chart if we rotate the chart around the period lord to the 1st house and read the chart from that perspective. So even if our natal chart has something great in it from our natal rising sign, in our rotated dasha chart it may very different.  I have Venus in the 3rd house in Capricorn exchanging signs with Saturn in the 9th house from Venus.  During the Venus period, of my life was all about the arts as I worked on a PhD in comparative literature and film studies and had a very rich life teaching meditation and studying Vedic wisdom.  My first astrologer started reading the chart from a natal point of view as Scorpio rising and it did not make sense but when I said something and he switched to reading the chart from Venus as the center of the chart, my whole chart made sense.  Hence the cycle that we are running will change the perspective on everything in the chart and I find that 60% of a good reading should be done from a rotated chart to the dasha lord for accurate predicting. From Jaimini astrology we learn about Rashi Dashas and how they rotate and throughout out lives. My Aries period with Mars in Aries in the 6th was all about health, fights with employees and when I move into my Pisces period, 5th house, I became more obsessed with 5th house and teaching astrology and got initiated in India in the gayatri mantra.
  8. REPUTATION  CHART:  .  The arudha lagna chart  shows the way we are viewed in this world due to our overall personality and resources. The moon is the significator of the arudha and planets connected to the Arudha enhance or spoil the reputation. So a person with moon or Jupiter or Venus or Mercury conjunct the Arudha protects reputation while Saturn or Rahu conjunct the arudha will spoil reputation.   This chart helps explain why we sometimes feel we are doing a great job at work but our boss or supervisor sees something else. How we appear to others is so connected to outward success in our lives and this chart is very revealing and creates a whole different perspective on our life. Its like how our neighbor sees the front of our house with the beautiful garden but when we meet the person in the house and know him well, we may learn about his emotional fragility.
  9. ASTRO-LOCALITY CHART:   If we move far enough from our birth place, our chart rotates with us and we become a very different person many times–sometimes better and sometimes worse. I learned this the hard way. I was born in Chicago and lived much of my life in the Midwest. When I moved 1800 miles to the Southwest and to Sedona, AZ, my life became very different as it transposed my Scorpio rising chart to Libra rising and put in an exalted Saturn in my first house. I became a workalcholic, had health and relationship problems, was obsessed with remodeling and re-decorating my house all the time.  When I discovered how this worked, I moved back to the Midwest closer to my Sun line and health returned to normal, I was not as obsessed with working all the time and my relationship returned to normal.  Moves impact us and new locations impact us but our chart also rotates. This also could require a complex long article.

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Special thanks to my teachers Komilla Sutton, Sanjay Rath and Robert Koch and David Frawley  for their insights and teaching that helped lead me to in to putting  together this article.

Om Tat Sat.

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