MERCURY IN TRANSITION: Cancer 26.40-Leo 3.20 and Conjunct Rahu

EYE ON ASTROLOGY: Mercury in Transition

Mercury enters the gandanta or drowning area between the water and fire signs between 26.40 Cancer and 3.20 Leo,  July 19-23rd and then becomes conjunct Rahu on July 21st.   The end of the constellation Ashlesha is a place were people need to encounter their karmic past and unravel difficult knots and problems from past lives. Mercury is debilitated at the end of Cancer so it cannot use its intellectual superiority to unravel the past and most find solace in spiritual faith which  it does not do well with.   Geminis and Virgos are likely experience deep emotional and troubling psychological turmoil on Wednesday and Thursday but it will get a bit better as it moves into Friday and Saturday.  Issues connected to home, family, security, nurturing are likely to come up in Cancer.

It is friends with Rahu and as it moves toward conjunction with Rahu into July 21st, it can be beneficial for Geminis and Virgos to receive personal and social recognition and have communications received well by society.   Recognition by relatives and friends will be strong and keen intellectual communications can happen.

As it moves into the first part of  Magha ( Leo 0.00-3.20) it enters a more material constellation where fame and recognition and status can be achieved.  Still it brings up deep and complex intellectual and psychological problems from the past to be sorted it.

Special thanks to  Komilla Sutton for their insights on this constellation.

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